School News

My New Job!!!

I just got hired for my work-study program at school!  I will be acting as the administrative assistant/intern for the director of career services at The Master’s College, Rick Wahler.  The job description is below (quoted from an email from Mr. Wahler to me):

The position is the Administrative Assistant/Intern in the Office of Career Services.  We provide counsel, direction and encouragement to students as they consider choosing a major, determining a future career, and preparing for/seeking a job.  The job involves customer service—greeting and assisting students.  We also assist a large number of off campus (non student) visitors for testing.  Administrative tasks include updating the Job Board on the web site (listing work positions available in the local community), updating career brochures, preparing flyers to promote on-campus recruiters, and maintaining files and binders.  After training, the Intern also assumes responsibility for CLEP testing—answering telephone inquiries, processing payments, scheduling tests and monitoring students during tests.   

I’m looking for someone with solid administrative skills who can develop the confidence to work with very little direction and supervision.  Strong organization and multitasking skills are required.  Familiarity with Word is required; work on Excel is simple and easily learned.  Typing speed is not as important as accuracy—I prefer our work to be error free, rather than fast.  The Intern helps me by reviewing and editing my own work for errors.  I appreciate creativity and finding better ways to do things.

It might sound a bit overwhelming, but its not.  The students I have had in the past have all enjoyed the office very much.  It’s a real-world work assignment and develops skills that will transfer to jobs after college.  The Assistant has her own workstation with computer workstation, telephone and files.

So, needless to say, I am very excited!  I am SOO thankful that God opened this door for me and that I don’t have to spend 16 hours a week washing dishes in the kitchen or cleaning toilets for my work-study job.  =)  As I just mentioned, I will be working 16 hrs a week at the career services office as well as managing a very busy academic schedule…  pray for me!  =)

I am posting pictures of my office! They are posted on the “Pics from California” page, so check it out!  Pretty sweet, huh?!  I am SOO thankful!

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