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Hey, I’m Here!

Hi All!  I’m here in So Cal (Southern California) and having an absolute blast!  This past week has been WOW week (Week of Welcome), so we’ve done all sorts of stuff.  For instance, we’ve done “Valley Invasion” which consisted of touring downtown Santa Clarita/Valencia and taking pictures of our group (5 new students and 3 “upper”classmen) doig all sorts of silly stuff. I’l be posting th epictures soon – hopefully tomorrow.

Infact, I have tons of new pictures coming, including pictures of me and my girlfriends, of a guy that looks almost exactly like my brother, and of the various night’s theme dinner.  Stay tuned for a picture of me with Orlando Bloom (the college had him come as a special guest for our Hollywood dinner night! It was crazy!)

So, I will keep you updated, or atleast try to keep all of you updated more than I have.  I’m sorry I haven’t updated this more.  It’s been a crazy week, and although my schedule doesn’t exactly change for the next 3 months, atleast I’ll know my schedule and get to figure out what I’m doing.

Thanks to all of you who have posted, sent me emails, and mailed me letters!  I feel so loved!

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