I Passed My CLEP Test!!!!

I took the English Composition CLEP test today!  In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a test, like an SAT, that can determine whether or not you can just get credit for doing a course in college even if you didn’t. I took the test for English Composition and passed, so I no longer have my 8am class!  YEAH!!!

I have now revised my work schedule and no longer am working 14.5 hours a week. Now, I’m working 18!!! I’ll be posting that soon, so you can see that.

Talk to all of you later!

1 thought on “I Passed My CLEP Test!!!!”

  1. Congratulations Ashley! I knew you’d have no problem passing that particular CLEP test. Do you plan to take any others? Stephen may take one or two this year. It’s a great way for him to save money on college and shorten time in the classroom. Joshua will eventually take 1 or 2 CLEPs to finish requirements for the degree in Russian he hopes to obtain through non-traditional means at the same time he receives his degree in Govt. from PHC.
    Miss you!!!!
    Lori (Mrs. Peterson)

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