Hey Everyone!

 Thank you so much for the birthday cards… I was sooo suprised!  It’s nice to know New York hasn’t forgotten me!

I felt so popular here… so many people wished me a happy birthday before my birthday, on my birthday, and after my birthday … it was great. =)  Seriously, I had a fun birthday.  For those of you who know them, Mr and Mrs Axtell were in town, so Cam Knox and I went to dinner with them.  That was fun, and the food was REALLY good! (way better than caf (cafeteria) food!  (Then, again, caf food’s not hard to beat… =)… just kidding. It’s not really that bad… nothing like home food, of course, but not too bad.


After that, the girls on my wing had a little “party” for me.  We had “otter pops,” which are the popsicles in the plastic “bags” that you cut with scissors… I don’t know if this makes sense. =)

I was soooo stuffed from dinner at the Macaroni Grill, so I didn’t really want a popsicle; I had one, though, because they brought them out specifically for the celebration…  It was fun. =)

Thank you again for your cards and notes…. I treasure each one; as far as I know, I’ve gotten more mail than anyone else here… THANKS!!! =)

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