Next Semester’s Schedule…

Hi All!

 Below is my schedule for next semester as it stands now.  It’ll be pretty crazy, but I’m looking forward to the classes, specifically the Short Story, Christianity in Film, and Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving. That last one is math, which kind of makes me chuckle that I’d be looking forward to it, but I am feeling in the mood to do some math.  The class Milton is going to be a tough one; it’s taught by the first-most Miltonian in the world!!!! (hehe..don’t feel bad if that means nothing to you… I don’t really know what it means…I do know the prof is a GENIUS, who spoke 3 or 4 languages by the time he was 6…amazing!)  The gray sections on the schedule as well as the summary on Saturday are the hours I plan on working at the career services office.  Well, here you go.

My schedule

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