School and Life…

So, I think my eyes are getting worse.  I had an eye appointment when I was home for Christmas break, but I’m just finding it’s hard for me to read a lot..that my eyes are not focusing really well and that it takes me a really long time to read something.  It could be that I’ve been having sugar-balance issues again…I don’t know.  (Diabetes affects your eyes. I don’t have diabetes, but I think I have hypoglycemia which is similar but not as extreme.)  I just know that eye issues are a little complicated when I have 66 chapters of the Bible to read this week.  I was talking to my friend Whit online, and he mentioned that he was in the process of listening to it.   So, that’s what I’m doing now… and what I’ll probably continue to do from now on.  Already I’ve listened to 4 chapters and am working on my 5th. It’s going well and makes so much more sense that trying to read 66+ chapters (I was behind some chapters from last week….) when I don’t feel like my eyes are working right.  YAY!  Thank you, Lord! This is working great!

 I’ll post some more later. Adios!

5 thoughts on “School and Life…”

  1. Well, Ash that’s awesome!! What a great alternative.. to reading your bible and not that your eyes are bad. 🙂

  2. That is a great Idea. Somebody gave me that Idea last year as well and I was pretty happy that I found out such a great way to save my eyes and endulge in the truth of God’s word.

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