Life in Sunny So Cal!

Howdy from Sunny So Cal!!!

It has been wonderful here as the weather has taken a turn for the better (not that it was ever really bad, but…).  We are happily enjoying weather that spans from high-50s on a cold day to the mid-90s (week and a half ago).  I hear that it’s pretty cold still in NY.  You might think it’s funny, but I do miss NY and it’s winter weather. It’s sad to think that for the next four years of my life I won’t be able to experience winter. =(  Hopefully next winter it will actually snow during my Christmas break. hahaha..oh well.  I have to say I can’t complain. I am pretty tan right now. About a week and a half ago I was the tannest I’d been ever but ..hahaha..according to a friend here I don’t get a real tan ’cause I’m pretty red, but I think I was pretty tan anyway.

School’s going well. I’m doing well in my classes, although I have to say some of them aren’t exactly my favorites. hahaha…I’m not an art and music person, but hey, it’s a required class.  More important than even classes, I’ve been learning a lot about God. God has really blessed this semester in a special way as He’s blessed me with some great friends, and I’ve learned some great lessons through those friendships.

Mandy came and visited me for two weeks! That was simply amazing!!!  We did all sorts of fun stuff including going to on-campus baseball games, going on a weekend camping trip in Malibu, going to the beach (Ventura Beach), going rock-climbing at Vasquez Rocks (mountains that are all upset and cracked because of earthquakes…amazing!), getting our nails done, going shopping together, chillin’ with some friends playing games and watching movies, swimming in the pool right outside my dorm, staying up to all hours of the night just laughing our heads off and keeping up other girls on my wing (oops!), kicking her out so I can finally get some homework done (“Mandy, you have to go running or something.  I have to get this paper done.”), playing ultimate frisbee, and going to Universal City Walk.  It was so much fun having her here, having her meet all my friends; going places with her; getting our caricature done in Universal City; surviving sprink break on Ramen noodles, turkey sandwiches, and lemonaid; and just being together!  I was soo sad to see her go, and I was missing her so much even as I watched her go through security at the airport.  =(   It was an amazing visit!

I’ve been driving out here in crazy CA!  I have a few friends with cars that are willing to let their NY friend borrow their car randomly and sometimes spur-of-the-moment. It’s been really neat to be able to drive again, and honestly, it makes me want to get a car out here. hahaha…a girlfriend and I want to go in on one together, but we’ll see. =)

So, I know I mentioned Vasquez Rocks earlier in this letter, but I have to mention them again ’cause they are simply amazing! I wish I had taken pictures when I was there ’cause just describing them doesn’t do it justice!  Some friends and I have now gone free-climbing there twice. (Free-climbing – rock climbing with no ropes or anything..just going for it!)  We basically grab some friends and go climb up the side of a mountain. The place where we’ve climbed twice is about 100 feet up and it takes a lot of concentration because, basically, if you fall, you die. hahahaa…yes, very risky, and not everyone enjoys it, but it’s been neat to see that I’m not so afraid of heights as I thought was. Then again, maybe I just like taking risks. =)  Speaking of which, this is my new favorite quote: “I don’t take risks because I think I’m invincible; I take risks because I’m not afraid to die.” 

Six weeks!!!! I have six weeks ’til finals, then I’m coming home!!! Whoohooo! I can’t wait!

See you all then!!!


P.S. I’ll try to upload some photos soon..no promises, but I’ll try.

3 thoughts on “Life in Sunny So Cal!”

  1. Wow, cool.
    You seriously climbed about 100 feet?
    Are you exaggerating? That’s pretty dang high for no saftey gear or anything!
    Definitly wanna see some pictures

  2. Hey Billy!

    I’m serious…I looked at it again when we went on Sunday..and it’s definitely stinkin’ high. I don’t think that’s an exaggeration….maybe I wrong. I’ll have to double-check with the others I was with.


  3. I dunno, that’s just really really high!
    my roomates said that the chapel was probably only 30 feet high so you would have climbed like 3x that much. Anyway, did someone put up your guys’ video on youtube yet?

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