Life in the Fast Lane…or “Carpool Lane” as it’s called in California =D

I don’t know how to explain this first, almost-month back at Master’s except to call it a whirlwind.  Life since I’ve been back has certainly been one that has grown me in whole new aspects as I have joined SLS (student leadership staff) here on campus as an assistant resident associate here in Hotchkiss (my dorm).  Also, I feel being a WOW leader has been more of growing and learning experience for me than a great leading experience.  But more on that later.  Overall, being back has been a blast, but I already feel like I’ve been here forever. =D  Tons of stuff has happened: I’ve already turned in my first paper; laughed a ton with great friends; had my fill of caf pizza; been to the beach; turned off my alarm and rolled over (only overslept by 5 min though…lol); been thrown into the pool after I sincerely protested; defended my summer job by explaining that not all Postal workers go postal; started missing friends that are graduated or aren’t coming back; been sick with a fever and recovered, thank the Lord, after 14 hrs of sleep; scheduled one-on-one dinner or breakfast with 5 different girls just this week; said goodbye to a dear friend who just moved to Wisconsin; did a load of laundry; and locked myself out of my room. (whoops!)

I miss my family a ton – more than last year all-together.  My dad just got a Facebook, and I am completely thrilled to be able to keep in contact with him that way.  This past summer really grew our relationship in an amazing way.  I feel like we’re so close!!  Anyway, back to my life here at TMC.

My first week here flew by pretty quickly.  We spent most of it in Palm Springs or Palm Desert (one of those) at a resort there.  It was ridiculously hot, and I took a picture of the thermometer reading 110 degrees.  Ridiculous.  It was really neat, and we had a great speaker Mr. Mark Tatlock, the Vice-President of the college and honestly, a great teacher and leader on campus.  He spoke on Christian community and the various aspects that we are to apply on the Master’s campus.  Really convicting.

My second week here was WOW Week.  If you remember, I put pictures up from last year’s WOW Week when I was first at school with all sorts of face paint and pyramid pictures and such.  Well, this year, I was a WOW leader with a now-friend (we didn’t know each other at first) James Engram.  We had a ton of fun with our 6 wow-ees “James 2”, Candice, Kelly, Yekaterina, Paul, and Daniel.  We did all sorts of fun stuff and were even able to enjoy some inside jokes like the imaginary student AJ that we lost during last year’s WOW week.  I know, I know; it was rather silly, but “Group 21 is Fun” and indeed, we had lots of it. =D

This past week has been my first actual week of school.  I have to say that by the time last Saturday rolled around I was more than ready to be in class and actually doing what I came here to do.  Don’t get me wrong; I loved being a Wow leader, but it was really great when all old friends returned and things seemed to be back to normal.

My classes are going well.  I posted my new class and work schedule under the link on the right side of this main page, so if you interested, check it out. =D

I have a new roommate this year.  Her name is Michaela, and we are absolutely perfect for each other.  She is sleeping right now, completely unbothered by the fact that I have 2 lights on.  She sleeps right through it.  I am the same with her being up late, so it works out really well.  We are also equally messy, but it spurs each of us to be just a little less-messy than the other.  It’s working out splendidly. =D

Tomorrow starts a long weekend for me.  Praise the Lord for Labor Day and a few more days to work on homework.  =D  Tomorrow some friends and I are going to Universal City Walk for fun and to watch a movie.  It’s supposed to be really hot.  It’s been between 105 and 117 for the past few days!  I hear it was 117 here on Thursday.   Let’s just say that today at 7pm it was still 95 degrees.  Now that’s what I call a hot day. =D  (Thank God for air conditioning.)  The administration here actually made an exception and allowed us to wear shorts to classes and chapel today.  Believe me, chapel is like a sauna.  In the 3 chapels we’ve had, 3 people have fainted (all in the first 2 actually).

I love being back at church here in California.  It really feels like home in that aspect.  I love the teaching here, and the worship is really solid and Christ-focused

I’m sorry if this seems very scattered.  I’m pretty tired, but I feel like I owe you faithful readers at least a mini post of what is going on out here in So Cal.  I hope your lives back in NY are going well.  Please keep me updated. =D  I love hearing from you!

1 thought on “Life in the Fast Lane…or “Carpool Lane” as it’s called in California =D”

  1. Hey Ashley
    I’m glad you updated and are doing well!!
    Umm.. not too much is new here with us. Oh, I got my permit so I enjoy driving! 🙂
    It’s quite cooler here than there! =) Fall is coming so we are very excited!!!

    Glad you’re great! Thanks for the post!

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