1:54 am, and yes, I’m headed to bed now….


Thought I’d drop a note just to say hi, and that I’m sorry I’ve not uploaded any pictures lately. I’m going to upload them … take that back, I AM uploading them onto Facebook as I write this. =D Ah, there we go. I just uploaded some pictures from my “week of welcome” (where we welcomed the new students) and from Labor Day at the beach.

Okay, I’m off to bed ’cause I’m really exhausted. =D *yawn*

Plans for this weekend:

Friday night: wing event (Watch Master’s girls play a volleyball game then go hot-tubbing as a group of girls)

Saturday: Hotchkiss Day at the Park (go the park, play tons of games, go to In ‘N Out [a burger joint], etc)

HOMEWORK, of course!!!

Sunday: 6:00am -12:30 (church – I’ll be at an outreach event for church from 6 -11 am), then Bible study at 6pm

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