The Smell of You

I sit here over 3000 miles away

Yet the smells of you still fill my nose

I bring my hands to my face

And I see your face before me

How is it possible for these hands that I have washed so many times since

To still bear the smell that I love so dear

 – the smell of you


My rest my hands upon my face

Just to feel your nearness

I hate being so far

And anything that brings me just a bit closer to you

– even just in my mind – is a comfort


These hands, these hands which held your hand and stroked your face,

Now tremble at the emptiness they feel,

Now clasp one another in a silent prayer.


I stop breathing

I don’t want the smell to leave,

I stop breathing,

As if breathing will some how use up the smell that I want to last there forever


But I keep breathing

I cannot stop

I cannot stop breathing in the most-beautiful smell ever

The scent I cannot seem to go one day without smelling


My hands touch my lips in a silent kiss

The lips that kissed your forehead, your closed eyes, your still cheek

The lips that fight for a smile day-by-day as I try to follow your example

  you fight on and so must I


The tears fall now

I cannot stop them

The salt mingling with your scent

Covering my hands

Washing over my lips


The smile fades to determination

The lips quiver against my will

And my heart aches

Aches for you

For your smell

For your touch

For those eyes I kiss to open

For that face I stroked to break into a smile

For that voice I cherish to rupture into your rolling laugh


Wake up, my darling

I feel I just can’t wait much longer

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