Thoughts from the Midst of Class.

School is almost over for the semester – Hallejuah!!  I can’t wait to be done with Broome Community College.  I’m PAYING to go here?  My professor is rambling on and on, “reviewing” the first – and only? – point he made in the class this semester: use the pyramid structure when you’re writing news stories.  I always forget the name of this class.  I like to call it Rambling 101 but I guess the official name is Writing for the Media. 

I have only three more days left here at BCC, then one more semester long-distance from Master’s.  Then I’ll be officially done, a graduate with a bachelor’s in communications!!!  Whoohoo!!!   I am so ready to be done with the classroom, and I cannot wait to get out there and write my heart out in the real world.

So, as you might be realizing rather quickly, these last two blogs are a little different writing style than my previous blogs.  I’m trying a new angle.  From now on, I’m going to be blogging daily a little something about my everyday life.  I might even be starting another, new blog that will be a segmented fictional story.  I’m  not 100% settled on the details of that, but that’s the plan.

Writing is a serious thing.  Sure, it’s fun, and heck, if I can make you laugh, I have done well.  However, on that same thought, if I can make you cry, I have actually been successful.  That is my desire – to make you laugh, to make you cry, to make you understand a little more about God and mankind than you did before, and to encourage you to look at life and the people around you and the life you live with a different perspective than perhaps you had before.

Class is ending soon.  I have 45 min to print out that paper I was writing last night and take The Firm out of the library.  Dr. Jack Simons would be proud.  Part of getting back into writing is getting back into reading.  

Reading is hard for me.  Don’t laugh; it is.  I hate thinking ahead of the page I’m reading and having no ability to sit back and turn off the critic within me.  I want to utilize that actually.   That’s not a mistake.  I want to fine-tune that gift/curse and perhaps build some future off that as well. Hmmmmm…..

Well, I’m off.  Over and out.

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