This Secretary is the Bom-Tom.

“A musical: it means the actors periodically dance about and burst into song.”

LOL..the line above is from the movie Sabrina…. don’t ask.  I have no idea why I’m watching this.. Emily and I are sitting here enjoying a movie Sarah brought back from China.  This is hilarious, a weird movie with somewhat well-known actors and strange but hilarious dialogue.

Stupid movies.

So, I love my new job.  I am getting paid to work alongside people I love and getting to know the business Adam works in.  It’s been neat.  I’m liking it, and yet I continue to look for good job opportunities in my major. I have applied for a few positions around, and I …

“I DID knock.”…. LOL…another classic line from this movie…..after the awkward secretary walks in on a kissing couple…

I really do want to work in my major and write.  I have loved reading The Firm so far.  I’ve found myself thinking about it and what Grisham was thinking and intending, and again, I’m thinking ahead of him, so that I have ruined portions of the book for myself already.  I know I have, for things have been alluded to.

So, here’s for a more personal update.  Healthwise, nothing really has changed.  It will be almost a year now since I have been experiencing serious health issues, and still no resolution. I  have been told four different things by four different doctors and so far, no improvement.  I could say ‘oh well’ and proceed with life (in a way I am) but I have to honestly say this is getting old.  Hopefully this new doctor and this new medicine will slowly kick in and work.  His diagnosis seems the most-probable out of all four.  We’ll see.

Dang, this dad in this movie just gave his daughter $2 million that he’s been saving up for decades…

I could use that to pay off student loans…. lol

Blogging is a whole new world to me when real life is so much busier than just sitting in front of my computer every day.  To-do lists never end…

“We were up to our elbows in your underwear…. it was like touching the Shroud of Torron.”  The secretary again….. wow…. kinda makes me think of cleaning Adam’s room today….. lol…..jk

… and sharing my day with the internet world involves writing about working whole days in the real world, making real food, learning real lessons, and growing in real ways.  My days are hardly classrooms and textbooks and homework and writing…. I love them – don’t get me wrong – but how interesting would that be?

Let me know… do you want to hear about my every-day?  Should I reserve my blogs for things more interesting to you than my plans and thoughts and quotes from random movies that are playing when I come home?

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