Real Life Doesn’t Leave Time for Boring Moments.

Well, my day today can be summed up with odd-jobs.  I worked from 8-4:30 doing everything from mass-mailings at work to making pizzas and starting a chicken stir-fry to cleaning dusty Legos (yes, it was very tempting to play with them in the process) and a few other odds and ends.  When I got home, I made some applesauce that totally hit the spot (I’ve already made plans to have it for breakfast), ate some dinner, did dishes, cleaned the bathroom, and hung out accomplishing some of my own random tasks.  Whooohoo!  My to-do list is getting smaller by the day, on one hand, and yet more and more defined on the other. 

The other, of course, is referring to wedding plans and to-do’s.  Wow, there’s a lot to think about.  I just got a book today (Well, Mom Bowman got it for me actually. =) ) called The Knot Book of Lists.  It is a wonderful checklist of to-do’s before the I-do’s (yeah, I just came up with that…. lol).  Thankfully, Adam and I talked about a ton of the decisions before we actually got engaged (by the way, engagement story to come shortly!!), so some of the to-do’s for later on are already decided upon.  That’s been handy.

=) I feel like sharing all my wedding plans on here… how boring would that be?  There would be no surprises for you on the wedding day itself if I did that.  I am super excited though, and I cannot wait to be past the holiday season so I can focus a little better on planning (oh, and school and work and life… and anything else that happens to be thrown my way).   The more I think about this actually, the more I feel like I should be doing as much planning now during the holiday break as I can.  Aaaahh!!!  lol…why do I write outloud as I would think outloud?

I’m off to get ready for bed.  Ugh, I have a massive load of laundry on my bed that has moved from there to the floor and back again for the last few days.  I need to organize my clothes better.

My word, I go to bed early now.  It’s 11:05, and I’m exhausted!  What an old fart!

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