2010 Schedule = Full

Adulthood is everything I imagined it to be and way more than I anticipated.  There is so much responsibility and an unavoidable necessity for focus, time management, determination, hard work, and patience.  Most-importantly, there is an overwhelming necessity to have your relationships in order, first with God and secondly with others.  If these two things are out-of-whack, it is amazing how much stress is added to your life as well as how your witness will be damaged and the joy taken out of your life.  Anyway…

My schedule for the upcoming 6 months is insane (What else is new?)  My big tasks seem endless.  My daytimer for 2010 is filling up like there’s no tomorrow!  For the next 6 months, I will be buried in a variety of tasks including wedding planning, 2 directed study courses from Master’s (Rhetorical Criticism and New Testament Survey II), 2(Distance Education) Courses from Master’s (Intro to Biblical Counseling and American Literature), working for A.D. Bowman & Son Lumber, Co, Inc. (Adam’s family’s mill), and writing 3-4 articles a week for Examiner.com as a relationship advice examiner. (I get paid to write on relationships!  How cool is that?!)  [Deep breathes…lol]

I am feeling pretty stoked (there’s a California word for you.. 🙂 ) about it all, and at the same time trying to be realistic and not bury myself.  Too late? I half think so.  lol…oh, well.  What else is new?

So, as I just mentioned above, I did just get hired to write about relationships online.  I am officially a sub-contractor to Examiner.com and I have my own site to write as many articles as I want on whatever aspect of relationships and advice that desire to.  I’m super excited.  This opportunity will help get my name out there into the writing market as well as open other doors of influence internationally with whatever counsel I offer.  I really pray that this can be a neat witnessing/sharing tool for God’s glory. =)  Pray, pray, pray!

So… I will let you know when my first article is up and officially published.  Then check out my page, comment, and support me in this new career possibility!!  =)

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