Perspective is Key.

I had another doctor’s appointment today.  While there, I asked a lot of questions. I pushed for answers.  I don’t know whether I was supposed to walk away encouraged or discouraged, but I chose to be encouraged.

Using some reflex testing, my doctor discovered this interesting fact.  I am reacting to bile salts.  According to www.ehow.com (yes, I did just get a medical definition from this website… I don’t know why it is my source as opposed to a medical website.  Can you say “laymen’s terms”?), bile salts are: 

Bile salt is a chemical produced in the liver and stored in the gallbladder. It aids in the digestion of fats and helps in the elimination of toxins from the body. When insufficient bile salts are present in the body, disease can occur as a result of the toxic buildup. Recent research indicates that taking bile salts orally as a supplement can help prevent the buildup of toxins in patients with abnormal bile production or who have had gallbladders removed.

Interestingly enough (let me know if you even made it through that quite boring definition – I don’t think I did), Dr. Finucan said in the 22 years he has been administering medicine, he has never ever had someone test as reactive to bile salts.  ???  Our own bodies produce bile salts!  So… it’s very possible that that reaction might be the issue I have been facing with my health.

So, here we are… one more hypothesis, and I’m still limited from most of my favorite foods  As of now, I cannot have white sugar, eggs, dairy, wheat, paprika, mustard, green peppers, cashews, pistachios, kidney beans (not really mourning in that regard), navy beans, and perhaps even a few more things I’m forgetting – I don’t remember anymore.  I have them written down.   To be honest, I’ve been feeling quite overwhelmed the last few weeks with all these food limitations; however, I am learning that perspective and gratitude will dictate a lot of how I am feeling regarding this.

My mom used to have a poster in our school room that said, “The attitude is the mind’s paintbrush.  It can color any situation.”  I really believe this is true.

I’m very thankful.  Today I was given another possibility, which means possible hope, which means possible recovery, which means health!!!  Whoohoo!!!

I am also thankful because I was told a few wonderful things:

  I can have fruit and fruit juices! 

  I can have yeast!!

I know that may not seem like wonderful things to most of you, but after being yeast and fruit (minus apples…) and juice free since early November, the news of this is wonderful.  Of course, the doc did not approve of my running down to Dunkin Donuts and getting myself a Boston creme donut (rats… wheat-, white sugar-, egg-, and milk-infested). However, he did tell me that I will not be forever dairy- and wheat-free. Whoohoo!!! I just need to stay off them now ’til my stomach settles now.  Of course, that means I’m  on a new medication/herb/supplement…(whatever) but this one is to help calm my stomach (dealing with the symptoms) while we figure out why exactly I’m reacting to something my own body is making.

So, here we go for another stab at this sickness, and here we go for another change of perspective, one that leaves me not only thinking positively but also focusing on what I have to be grateful for. =)  Here we go!

P.S.  Cooking shows are the bomb!

P.P.S.  On the down side, cooking shows make you hungry at 11:26pm. lol…that’s not good.

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