Cheat and Receive No Sympathy

So, I did it yesterday.  I totally cheated on my “what to avoid” list and had a junior bacon cheeseburger ($1.19) from the Wendy’s value meal menu when Mandy and I were on our way to the Day’s last night.  I got it and ate it… with the bun.  I’m supposed to more careful than that.  I’m allowed to have bread IF it’s gluten-free.  I’m not allergic to wheat, but since my system is still weak, the doc wants me staying gluten-free for a while.

I spoke to Adam on the phone last night, and when I told him I was feeling awfully, he did what would be expected: he asked me what I had for dinner. At that point, I winced because I knew I had cheated.  Crap.  I cannot expect sympathy when I cheat and do this to myself (not that I’m asking for sympathy normally…).  I paid for it for sure as I was up multiple times last night getting sick and feeling awful.

Great job, Ashley.  You deserve the idiotic reward.

So, I’m currently blogging, but I’m not writing on the typical dashboard of my blog. 🙂 Confused yet?  Mandy (my future sister-in-law) is a big-time blogger.  You can check out her blog on www.fromthetrenchesofmotherhood.com . Anyway, she had been telling me about a program she uses to help her organize her thoughts and keep on track, and I have just begun to use it.  Basically, it allows you to blog ahead of time and have it post a specific time so that you stay up on your posts but you can also write ahead.  Pretty cool!

I spend most of my days on the couch working on school, listening to lectures, writing papers, thinking about food, and doing wedding plans.  Sometimes writing is my mental break for the day, but sometimes there is so much more to say than one blog would allow.  I can’t just post four blogs per day…. can I?  Well, I’ve decided if I post them too fast no one will read them, but with this program I can keep writing and just allow it to post a little later after writing them than I do normally.  Sa-weet!!!

I’m going to get my camera back soon!!!  I’m so excited!  I’ve been camera-less since mid-November, and I can’t wait to have my camera and the ability to post pictures with these blogs, to again start visually recording memories, and to keep you updated on a variety of things from my life. =) =)

Speaking of a variety of things from my life, let’s again talk about breakfasts. Remember how I posted about having molasses in my oatmeal?  Eh. I tried it this morning and have to say I wasn’t really impressed.  I remember loving spoonfuls of molasses as a kid, but to be honest, today I was quite disappointed with it.  It was ok.  I wouldn’t say I gagged or felt gross or haven’t ever tasted anything so awful.  However, I can say that I’m so thankful I tried one spoonful first so I could fix the rest of my oatmeal to be my favorite peanut butter and banana combination instead. =)

Homework is calling me and I’m pouting at having to put my “pen” down here.  Have you ever kept a journal faithfully?  Years ago I used to, and even last year I did so on-and-off.  Life gets too busy, I find, and then I’ve too much to catch up on and no time to sit and write (or even type, which is SO much faster).  How sad.  How sad that I’m so caught up running around that I have no time to sit and remember.  Sometimes I think time must be a product of the fall.  Sometimes I think this running around like chickens with no heads is only an American thing.  I’m not sure yet.  I just know time is moving fast, and sometimes memories which once were so clear seem like they’ve dimmed somehow… or is that my whole imagination in general??

Writing is what I have gone to school for yet what I seem to have the least amount of time to accomplish.  How lame!  I love blogging – don’t get me wrong – but I want to write fiction and that’s something that somehow gets thrown to the side all too often.  My time is spent writing papers for classes, letters, articles for the Berkshire newsletter, and helping friends write letters.  It’s good and fun for sure, but after all work, I want to do more with this than edit letters, essays, and articles.  Is that a lack of contentment?

So, here I am, about to go do more writing for school. I’m doing summaries of the Epistles for class.  It’s a great experience, and I have learned so much about the flow of Scripture – it’s definitely not waste of time.  However, here I am, my mind itching for something more, something creative.  In time?  I sure hope so.

Enough rambling. Back to work.

3 thoughts on “Cheat and Receive No Sympathy”

  1. It’s not only an American thing; every big city I’ve been to in Europe has been like that. I think it’s a city/technology thing. Our culture encourages it, but does not cause it. I think. 😉

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