Drum Roll Please…..

So I have to be honest and say that that drum roll title was merely to see how many of you were anticipating great things as a result of my choice of title. I’ve been noticing that the more creative my title, the more you guys take the time to see what I have to say.  I wonder if it will work with this one too. :)  (Sorry if you feel jilted…. this post really does have some discussion I would love response to, so please take the time to read on. Thanks!)

livingroomWelcome to my world.  What you can see in this picture is my everyday location, my surroundings, my assignments, both computers (yes, used to two separate purposes), and my marked-up day-planner.

It is here that I spend my days listening to lectures (Intro to Bib. Counseling is playing now – 3:52 min to go), reading English Literature, writing assignments, and blogging. :)  I clean up my mess every evening, rarely take all my things home with me (since I just come back here every day), and attempt to relax in the evenings (yeah right) and not think about the assignments I have yet to do.

I’m making some changes to my blog.  I’ve decided that since I have such a love of food and cooking I should include that more in my writings.  I got so much joy last night just by making a bacon and cheese omelet that was cooked really well, that I really want to work more with food, cooking, recipes, and writing.  (I mean, come on… food and writing?!  Can life really get any better???)  So, I’m planning on writing about food atleast one post per week.  Mandy, my future sister-in-law, writes food reviews in cooperation with restaurants in the area.  My plan is to get involved with that as well.

Also, I want to write more intellectually challenging posts as well.  So, I’m going to write one post a week that is durely intellectual, educational, or writing-related.

So, two new types of posts per week, the more intellectual on Tuesdays and the food-related on Fridays.  Sound good?  I figure those two changes are enough to get started.  I don’t want too much change on here.  I love that these posts include alot of my personality, perspective, and everyday life.  However, I think some regular posts on selected topics could be a welcome change to this as well.

On this same note, I need to know your perspective on another possible addition/change to this blog.  I’m thinking of putting one day a week to include fiction-writing.  It would be like a tv show in that one evening a week a next portion of the story would post for your enjoyment.  Thoughts?

Unfortunately, this will be a much shorter post today.  There is a lot to do, a lot on my mind, and a lot of planning and excitement for the future.

The future….

Interestingly enough, in today’s unsure world and economy, the future is not often looked at as something to be excited about.  Recently on Fox News, I read an article about a family that went to extreme measures out of fear for the future.  The article is linked here: Fear for the Future.

How sad!  How sickening!  The future has become something that people don’t look forward to, but instead, because of a lack of security in what will happen, it is something that is dreaded.

Proverbs 31:25b says that the righteous woman can smile at the future. How can she do that??  I believe that the full context of that passage as well as in the later discussions that Christ has with the disciples and the writings in the Epistles share with us the secret:  Knowing Who holds our future and not only ours but that of the whole world is our own security.  For someone that does not know Who that is, who cannot rest in the love of God as a child resting the arms of a Father, that can and should be a scary thing.  However, as children of Him, as believers in the salvation of Jesus Christ, we can smile at the future, knowing full-well that the One in control is our Father and our Friend.

These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.

John 16:33

2 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please…..”

  1. I can tell you this much I love the different avenues of my blog. I love how some read and see a day in the life with me in my walk with God. I also like the fact that I have food experiments, tried, and tested in my kitchen to post for those who have a hard time getting new ideas or finding ways to enjoy food on a allergy diet. I love when someone tries one of my ideas and benefit from it, I love to cook and I love to help others and I love it when others are inspired or say I can do that from reading what I write. So the changes you are suggesting sound wonderful and I thnk you will be happy and inspired as well.

  2. I would love to read a serial fiction story!

    Mmm, food! One of my other friends just started posting food stuff on her blog. You guys are determined to make me HUNGRY! 😉

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