Writing Ahead Is A Lot Harder Than It Seems….

…because my writing is all a particular discussion of present circumstances and feelings and events.  I’m not sure how this is gonna work out practically to “write ahead” ‘cause I still get stuck with posting either two posts per day or posting a post like this morning that I wrote last night.  So, here we go:

It’s not a good thing when your stomach aches after eating, but in this case, at least it’s aching from great food! 🙂 (and no, I didn’t cheat… I’ve learned my lesson)

Tonight the menu was cheesy corn dog casserole, a new recipe that I was offered to try and although it sounded great to me, it didn’t appeal to Adam.  Neither did tacos.  Since both guys (Adam and Aaron) insisted we’d had tacos recently, the decision for a change in meal choice won out. (Well, Aaron still wanted tacos, and as much as I would have cooked up all the taco meat and made them for just him, we were able to convince him that we’ll have that for dinner tomorrow.  He pouted, and as much I wanted to laugh, I refrained.)

So, tonight, I made up some gluten-free pancakes that we enjoyed with real maple syrup and sausage. Mmmhmmm.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had pancakes or anything close to them, so that was awesome… until the stomach started hurting. Oh, well.  Some foods are so worth it!! (We’ll see if I’m singing this tune tonight at 1:30am when I wake up to stomach cramps… lol)

I was going to go home early tonight because Adam has a fire training class tonight and it’s Emily’s (one of the girls I live with) 20th birthday.  However, Mr. and Mrs. Bowman (also known as Mom and Dad –after all, they are going to be my in-laws soon!! 🙂 ) decided to go out to dinner and Aaron and Adam still needed to be fed. AND since I love to cook and feed people (definitely got that from my mom 🙂 ), I was thankful to get my hands on some food and a stove and have at it. :)  I fed Adam and sent him on his merry way, but Aaron decided he wanted to work late, so he’s out cutting firewood and I’ll just make him dinner whenever he decides to come home.  I’m thinking he’ll be here in about 20 min (7pm) but you never know.  I think I’m making him an omelet, but I’m not really sure.  He apparently didn’t want pancakes, and we’re out of sausage.  Sorry, Punkface.

So, this English Literature mid-term study guide sitting in front of me is totally un-interesting, and I’m caught up on Lost and Bones.  Hmm…. music? Nah. I’m getting sick of all the stuff I’ve listened to, which really isn’t even much since I listen in the car and rarely while I’m doing school. Sigh… oh, well.  Life isn’t always about having fun.  Still.  I can’t say that rightly motivates me to study Anglo-Saxon time periods, the ironies in Gawain, Beowulf’s details, intricate vocabulary from Renaissance literature, and random quotes that I must identify as belonging to one of the innumerable plays, poems, stories, etc. that I have read this semester.  Ugh… I love reading, I love writing, but I can honestly say I’m not a fan of English literature.

Someone (who is probably reading this and making certain judgments about me and my character as a result… lol…) recently shared with me how they can know certain things about me just by reading my blogs.  They said they’ve found interest in my engagement story post, my financial and priority discussions, my Scripture reference-inclusion, and my discussion of my relationship with the Lord and more specifically, my discussion of my faithfulness (and sometimes lack thereof).  He concluded I’m “naturally disorganized, somewhat free-spirited, whimsical, impulsive, and probably considered by most to be a lot of fun to be around.”

LOL… do I really portray myself in that light through these blogs?  I definitely realize there’s a whole lot of reality to all those claims.  The recognition of that made me smile and chuckle (uh oh… old person word alert!) for sure at the thought that someone really does have a chance to get to know me just through my writing.  It’s neat to me that that much of who I am can get portrayed into the words I type onto a page, the fiction I create, and the pictures (although few) that I post.

If that isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is.  As a writer, it is one of my desires that the person I am comes through in what I write.  Think about it: I have a lot to write about.  Spiritual things must be interwoven into who I am.  My central purpose in life must be evident in who I am and because of that, make its way into what I create/produce for others to see. 

I’m excited to do some reading, editing, and writing.  I think this discussion tonight with this friend (dare I call you that?… even if it’s on “your own terms” and though you’re “very much in control” and have me directly in a very specific “compartment” of your life?) kinda gave me a little boost in confidence.  With head held high, I want to sit down and type away at the document that’s sat partially written in my documents file, confident that who I am and what matters most to me will make its way into my creation.

There’s no slouching.  Write with confidence.

Interestingly enough, years ago, when I took singing lessons for the variety of musicals I was in during my high school years, and my voice teacher would tell me this one thing over and over: “Sing with confidence!  Stop doubting yourself.  You can hit those notes.  You just need to have confidence and sing.” 

So, here I am, Becky Brown (my vocal coach), and here I am, Tyler Hust. I’m going to sing/write/face life with confidence.  May the next thing I write, whether a blog or a fiction story, offer proof of that confidence and of the clear message I have to share.

P.S. I just made the prettiest omelet I’ve ever made for Punkface.  It was full of American cheese (because he’s American and not “cheddarneise”) and bacon, cooked to perfection and served with a side of applesauce.  I love cooking… sigh. =)


2 thoughts on “Writing Ahead Is A Lot Harder Than It Seems….”

  1. hmm… I don’t know. I was over at Oak Manor a lot cooking. I used to make calzones and cookies and chex mix over there. You never ate with us?

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