Today I Put My Shoe on the Wrong Foot.

Today is a much better day than yesterday.  Although you might not have known, yesterday I felt like crap.  Today, I feel better for sure.  In fact, at the moment, I can’t stop thinking about how I would love to have a glass of juice (that has nothing to do with anything, but I thought I’d share).  I’ve gotten a good bit of school done (although my to-do list is still full) as well as am listening to a lecture for next week as I write.  Multi-tasking is amazing.

I’m thinking about a new hairstyle.  I’m really not a completely “let’s change everything” kick as much as it might seem so by the fact that I’ve just made a number of changes to this blog and now am talking about hairstyles.  I promise.  I’m still me.  I just think this whole long hair with side bangs thing needs some work.  I think I want a little shorter hair with more stylish bangs and…. and…. and…. nope. That’s it.

I feel kinda scatter-brained right now, and you know why?  Gilmore Girls. I just watched an episode, and somehow they always leave me feeling much like they are – scatter-brained and mildly ADD.  Have you ever watched it?  I have to say it’s one of my favorites.  I know there are certain episodes that I would not finish and I’m not a supporter of everything that takes place, but as a whole, there is something about the relationships between Lorelei and Rorie that I love.  There is an intense friendship, openness – a realness – that I think is so neat, and if God blesses me with a daughter one day (oh, Lord, please bless me with sons!) I hope we can have a relationship pretty similar to that.

On a more serious note, yesterday when I should have been doing more school, I decided to work on the floorplan for our custom-made cabin, which over the last few days is slowly becoming a very feasible possibility for Adam and my first home.  I found this really cool website (www.floorplanner.com) that allows you to build a floorplan from scratch and include everything from walls and shower curtains to a man in a wheelchair and a cooked turkey. I had a ton of fun trying to plan a layout for the cabin, which will be insanely small (16’ x 24’), and have to say that I’m pretty proud of what I was able to come up with.  Adam helped me fine-tune my ideas (the bathroom was too big and the plumbing needs to be on the inside walls), and now we have a masterpiece.  What do you think?

floorplan - no trees

I love it!! I’m so excited, and I think that as much as it is small and will not really offer us much room for entertaining, it will be super cozy and is arranged with quite the efficient use of space.  Of course, the furniture we have won’t be exact to what is shown here, but we can see that we have room for a full-length couch – we weren’t sure about that before – a nice-sized kitchen, a good sized bedroom with nice closet/storage space, and even a loft above the bedroom for more storage.  I really hope this cabin project works out.

Speaking of yesterday, I’ve received a quite positive response to my ideas for change around this blog, so I’m going to install them and from now on, Sundays will be partials of my stories (The parts will be displayed one day a week with direct links from each part to the next for easy reading if you get backed-up), Tuesdays will be an intellectual discussion of a variety of topics (feel free offer suggestions for discussion), and Friday will be a discussion of food, recipes, restaurants, and cooking experiments. :)  Needless to say, I’m very excited. 🙂

On that same note, I received a phone call from Applebees today. :)  I contacted a good number of restaurants yesterday, discussing my plan for using my blog for food and restaurant views and asking them if they’d be interested in cooperating with my endeavors. Mandy (aka TrenchMommy…. or… lol… my future sister-in-law) has done this alot and has received giftcards to restaurants for review.  She also does book reviews and has books coming out of her ears.  I can manage food.  I love books and reading, but right now, with the lack of time I have, I think managing to eat, take pictures of, and write about food is a little more of a reality than reading two books a day that I’m sure I’d tear apart and end up rating at 1 star out of 5.

Last night, Adam and I went shopping.  I needed (and still need) some summer clothes, and I think, in both of our excitement about the events of the summer (Our Wedding!!), we jumped the gun a little and went summer clothes shopping. I got some shorts (and realized just how white I really am!! Help! I need some sun!!) and a few shirts and now am completely discontent with the snow around me and am sitting here wishing for it to be 95 degrees out (atleast) with zero humidity and a slight breeze. :)  Sigh… oh, California, how I miss you!

I mean, look at this picture: snow

As much as the snow is beautiful (well, it would be more so if Punkface hadn’t spent so much time riding his 4-wheeler all over the lawn), I think I’m ready for green, for bright sunshine, for a tan, and for tank-tops (my favorite!!), flip-flops and shorts. 

I’m sick of socks.

Anyway, it’s nice to have clothes that fit me.  This whole stomach issue/sickness/disease/allergy/whatever-you-want-to-call-it has caused me to lose 20 pounds, so a good number of my clothes are of little use to me.  I can still fit some of my shirts (baggy shirts never hurt anyone), but as a whole, I’ve had to slowly rebuild my wardrobe.  It’s been nice on one hand (who doesn’t like new clothes?) but on the flipside, my bank account is a whole lot emptier because of this.  Clothes are expensive!

Random change of subject: I had a dream last night, and I woke up wishing my dream was in a notebook and not in my head.  That’s a great sign.  I used to dream detailed stories and even found myself dreaming them either repeatedly or in succession so that I really came to enjoy them as a form of entertainment and inspiration for writing.  I used to play out my dreams as a kid, expanding the characters that showed up in them and taking the “plot” and running with it.  I’ve haven’t dreamed like that in a long time, and don’t worry—I haven’t “played out my dreams” in even longer.  However, I am hoping that with the return of faithful writing on here as well as the reprioritization of my life, I will once again return to a pattern of faithful fiction writing.

Well, I’m off to get a few more tasks completed before taking off to girls’ night tonight at Jen’s house.  :)  I’m very excited! 

Tune in tomorrow for my first food-related post!! :)  I love the topic and choice of food I’ve chosen for this first installment and hope that you will too!!


P.S.  Don’t judge me on this whole shoe-on-the-wrong-foot deal.  They’re slip-on’s, and I was distracted.

1 thought on “Today I Put My Shoe on the Wrong Foot.”

  1. So i don’t think you should be complaining too much about wanting warmth and 95 degree weather. It’s freezing (ok so maybe just really cold for us westside people). Snow is beautiful! Although, I am happy I don’t have to get fully dressed from head to toe everytime I go outside….i mean i do get dressed, dont get me wrong…BUT I don’t have to wear snow clothes. Anyway….I’m so excited for you! i love planning the look of an apartment 🙂 or in your case a CABIN…. 🙂 Have fun!

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