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[Insert YOUR Title Here!!!] Let’s Rename the Blog!!!!

Help!!!  I am looking for some ideas for the new name of this blog. 🙂  As you might know, it has shifted in the last few years to include the following names:

  • So, Here I am in California!
  • So, Here I am in Israel!
  • Life in New York
  • Creativity, Criticisms, and Other Jazz

Let’s just say I have lacked creativity in this regard and now want to recruit some help for the renaming of this site.

I kinda wanted to go with the theme of Bowman (my soon-to-be last name), cabins, etc.

I was kind of thinking something along the lines of:

The Bowman Lodge

Fireside Fellowship

At My Fireplace

Quality Time


I would love to work in the fact that I’m writing from home, that we’re going to live in a cabin, that our home is yours, that my heart is shown here, etc.

Keep in mind that I’ll be writing on a variety of topics. =)


I don’t have much for prizes at this point, but I will add to you to my About section and give you the credit you deserve for naming it. 🙂

4 thoughts on “[Insert YOUR Title Here!!!] Let’s Rename the Blog!!!!”

  1. how about ” The double AB” or “The ABAB lodge” or “the AB fireplace lodge.”

    I would like to vote a definite No on “fireside fellowship” because it sounds like a church/community hall.


  2. Okay, your old “So, here I am…” names fit because it was for a period of time. You need something now that can last for longer than a few months or even a few years. You need a name that can grow with you and is not tied to only one thing…ie the cabin. Especially since those plans could change. You just never know around here! I like life in NY but it’s still too vague. However, I do think you should use the word life in your name. Maybe something like “My Real Life” or along that vein of thought. Or maybe “The Life of the Newest Mrs. Bowman”…or perhaps “Life through my eyes”. Since you work with food…totally being silly here…you could do “The Bowman Brew”! Ha! Or you could go with a play on batteries and make a header with a battery and call it “Double AA Bowman: Living life to it’s fullest”. That’s all for now…

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