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Sopranos Should Not Read Audio-Books.

By the time you’re reading this, I will not be anywhere near my computer.  I am so excited that tomorrow is Saturday (er… today, I mean… right?  ‘Cause you’re reading this on Saturday? :))  Yes, writing ahead is fun and almost exciting considering it gives me a little bit of a chance to tell you what I’ll be doing tomorrow and an opportunity to share with you more about life today (since Friday is my chance to write about food, so the personal updates are left out off of here).

Today I am in New York City visiting my sister Jess, Richie, and their 4-month-old son Gavin Lucas.  I am so excited because this is something Adam and I have been planning for months now and just haven’t had a chance to do because of work and conflicting schedules.  :)  Yay!  Now, we are down there spending a whole day just hanging out, talking, eating great food, and enjoying being together, something that definitely does not happen often enough.  If it were my choice, Jess and I would live right next door to each other, would share recipes and supplies, babysit each other’s kids, and spend atleast one evening together for a family-style dinner.  Too bad she lives 3 1/2 hrs. away. :(  Stink.

I have to say this has been a fast week, and as a whole, this weekend has been amazingly fun!

On Thursday night, Adam and I went and finished registering for our wedding!!  That is so nice to have completed. :)  We are now registered at Kohl’s and Bed Bath and Beyond. :)  Whoohoo!  85 days, which is exactly 12 weeks from today. 🙂

On Friday, I got to see Suzanne!  That was such a blessing.  We didn’t get to hang out much because I had to go work on school, she went with Em to school, and she heads back to Rochester this evening because she has to work tomorrow.  Again, stink.   Anyway, Suzanne is one of my oldest friends (as in length not age… lol) as well as my first girlfriend. :)  When I was 11, I realized that my friendships with only guys up to that point was great for sure, but there was something missing.  I needed a close friend, a twin, a confidant, and someone who was not just “one of the guys” but someone like me – a girl!  My mom and I prayed about it for a while and within a few months, Suzanne and I, who knew each other from a distance but were not close, became dear friends (alot through 4-H) and have remained that way since.  She is most-definitely one of my bridesmaids, so seeing her today for about an hour was amazing and long overdue.

syracuseYesterday, the lumber mill got switched back to 40-hr work-weeks.  I mention that for the joyful fact that that means Adam gets off work at 11am on Fridays instead of 4:30pm.  Finding out earlier in the week that he would be off early, we decided to take an afternoon trip to Syracuse for a trip to the Carousel Mall.

adam and I eating smoothies



It’s amazing. Although I have overall hated window-shopping all my life, I am beginning to love it as it allows for some relaxing time of just walking around, talking with Adam, looking at things, laughing at common and differing tastes, and mocking ugly styles. 🙂 :)  We often shop without buying anything.  It’s really about spending time together.

On Friday night, after our afternoon of shopping, we returned home and relaxed with this past week’s 24 episode. That’s also a fun past-time of ours.  I think we’re in season 8 now, right?  I hardly know.  A few months ago, I watched 24 for the first time with Adam since he has season 1 on dvd.  Then, I never watched another episode until this season started, and I joined him in staying updated.  I don’t really feel like I missed much.  I mean Jack still looks the same and is still Mr. Invincible much like the guy in the DieHard movies. lol… I’ll try not to be too harsh.  I know most of the people who watch these shows don’t analyze them the way I do and don’t care that the main character should have been dead like 30 times over by now.  It’s a good show – don’t get me wrong.  I do enjoy it.  I just wish maybe the good guy would die every once in a while and introduce a need for a new guy to rise up and take over.  Maybe I should leave this discussion for a Talk about It Tuesday discussion. lol.  On a side note, I was disappointed to learn that Tony went bad.  Stupid.

I wore flip-flops yesterday, and Punkface gave me a hard time. “You West-Coast people….” lol.  Oh well.  I am so sick of shoes and socks, coats and long-sleeves, and jeans.  I recently bought shorts and was aghast at how white I am.  I’m so ready for tank tops, flip-flops, and nice tan!  Summer, here I come!!

Speaking of clothes, remember my comment about Crayola socks in I’m Due to Help Fold Laundry?  A few hours after I posted that, Sarah, one of the girls I live with, text me to let me know that those socks are her friend Clarissa’s.  Apparently, our dog Alex had had an accident when Clarissa was over recently, and her socks had gotten wet (Hey, cut him some slack.  Alex is old!) Anyway, Clarissa had recently asked out her socks, which she had left at the Days to get washed, and no one could find them.  Apparently, they had been put in my laundry, so I had them in my dresser.  I remember when I pulled them out for the first time, trying to remember which Christmas stocking they had been a part of.  I got a few pairs of socks this past Christmas, and I thought they must have just been one of those comfy but eccentric (ooh…did I just use that word?! hmmm) pairs.  Glad we got that figured out.  Now I have one-less crazy pair (although they were pretty cool) and Clarissa can wear her own socks again.  Mystery solved.

P.S. In my English Literature class, I have been assigned to read “as much as you can stand” of Milton’s Paradise Lost.  I couldn’t stand very much of it right off the bat, so I decided to listen to as much of it as possible.  So far so good.  It’s not interesting, and I have to admit that multi-tasking has often left me listening but not retaining much of it; however, I’ve gotten a whole lot more out of it than I would have if I had read it.  The program I’m using online to listen to the book has a variety of readers.  Every “book” has a new reader, and they range from the classic audio-book male to the high-pitched girl who should be singing soprano in the opera instead of reading Milton. I have to be honest; I’d much rather listen to a guy read than a girl. I’m like that with musicians as well.  I’d much rather listen to a guy sing than a girl sing any time of music.  Girls’ voices are much more annoying. (No offense to any of my girlfriends who are also singers. 🙂 ).

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