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No One Cares What I Had for Lunch???


Happy Monday afternoon to you all.  My word!  It’s a new week already!
I am beginning to write a term paper for my English Literature class.  My topic is Shakespeare’s view on love according to his sonnets.  Can you say boring?  Oh, well.  Amazingly, it only has to be five pages long, so that shouldn’t be hard to punch out. My last term paper was on America’s understanding of alien life forms as perceived through society and media….

… and that had to be ten pages, so this topic won’t be so bad. 🙂  The key to quickly writing up a ten-page paper like that or this paper on Shakespeare without sweating to death and using random run-on sentences is way more simple than you’d think.  Curious?  Tune in tomorrow to Talk About It Tuesdays and we’ll discuss it in length. 🙂

I have to say I’m quite encouraged by the new blogging schedule I’ve been holding to.  So far, Serial Sundays seem to be the favorite, while the Food-Filled Fridays are not as popular as I would have thought. (I guess not everyone is as obsessed with food as I am.)  We shall see as time goes on, but I have to say, the positive feedback on “Five Years Too Late” has been quite encouraging.  Two people have asked if it was a part of a bigger work and want to see me continue it.  It’s very tempting! 🙂

I am also wondering if there’s anything else my readership would like to see or not to see.  Check out the PS for more details in that regard.

On a different note, as I mentioned in my Sopranos Should Not Read Audiobooks, I spent Saturday in New York City.  Adam and I went to see my sister Jess and 4-month old nephew Gavin on Staten Island for the day.  My nephew is an absolute doll!! If Jess wasn’t against his picture being all over the internet, you would totally have a picture … or two… or three.. of him in this post alone. 🙂 He is a big boy, wearing 12-month clothes already and fighting to stand up instead of sit; he has very little hair and gorgeous, deep blue eyes and long eyelashes!  Sigh…. I love babies.  A friend of mine recently had as her Facebook status that there’s nothing like having a baby fall asleep on your chest.  She is so right.  It is one of the most amazing experiences ever.  Yes. Ever.

While we were there, we got hit with a pretty strong storm.  The wind was crazy on the way down and the rain came as we were visiting and was so strong it knocked down a tree in Jess’s backyard.  Thankfully it fell away from her apartment, and is now laying through a fence and into someone else’s back porch. The damage isn’t too bad.  On the way back up, we hit crazy rain, so the visibility for driving was next to none. It took us an extra hour to make it home, and we were exhausted when we did.  lol…. I think we’re getting old. I’m exhausted by 10:30pm every night and don’t do well with less than 8 hours of sleep.  Sheesh… who am I?? lol

I’m beginning to look into full-time jobs for after school is over, and I’m fully engulfed in the adult working world.  I’m so ready!  I’m super excited to be done with school for sure, but on the other hand, it is kinda scary to now have to look for a job that I will have for a long time and which, I pray, will help erase my school debt and more importantly, take advantage of the education I have learned.

I have contacted an online company SmartThinking regarding working as a writer tutor, I’m going to go drop off my resume at a few local locations, and I’m thinking about working with Pampered Chef.  I figure it would be nice to have a few options.  (Of course, Pampered Chef has nothing to do with writing, but it sounds like a pretty neat job, and I love people and as you know, love food.)  It’s just necessary that I work full-time in a solid, good-paying job for a while.  It would be even more amazing if it had benefits, but I can’t be too picky.  It’s definitely something to pray about though, and I plan on doing that faithfully.

Okay, I’m off for now.  I’m in desperate need of a nap for some reason, and yet, I have two papers to be written (the term paper and another 6-pager for my Rhetorical Criticism class).  School calleth, and unfortunately, I must heed its voice.

P.S. I was looking at some stuff online regarding blogging, and I ran across a book called No One Cares What You Had for Lunch. It’s a detailed book on tips for blogging. Not only did I want to read the book, but I’ve been challenged just by the title that I just might be boring my readers to death with random bits of information like what I have for lunch (or breakfast…hehe).  So… I’m wanting a little feedback here on what I should change, what kind of posts you guys enjoy more, and what you’d like to hear about more or less.  You can do that by taking the time to fill-out the one-click poll to the right.  Thanks!

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1 thought on “No One Cares What I Had for Lunch???”

  1. Well, I enjoy your food posts, but they are not as emotionally engaging as, say, heart-wrenching short stories, which is probably why you get fewer comments on them. And I like hearing what people have for lunch (particularly since I sometimes really miss American food!). So… keep doing what you’re doing? Not that I’m an expert. But I am a loyal reader.

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