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Just Another Busy Day

It’s a beautiful day out here in downtown (ha!) Castle Creek.  It’s about 87 degrees out with 89% humidity, brownies are cooling on the stove, and my to-do list is almost done for the day.  Yay!

Today has actually been a productive day despite sleeping in way later than anticipated.  (I detest clock alarms and phone alarms and cooking alarms – well, not really – but basically, any kind of alarm that wakes me up from a sound sleep.)

Adam and I experimented and make our own chicken wings today.  We got a deep-fryer with some wedding money, and for about $1.50/doz, we can make our own chicken wings.  Our sauce was a mixture of Frank’s Red Hot and Sweet Baby Ray’s barbeque sauce – awesome!! – and we’re excited to do some more experiments with different sauces.  🙂

We also got a KitchenAid mixer for our wedding, and we have been enjoying making fruit smoothies like they’re going out of style.  Mom warned Adam that he’s gonna be spending his whole paycheck on fruit if he’s not careful, and I have to laugh and agree, but not complain.  He doesn’t like veggies and will hardly eat an apple, so if this fills him up with good vitamins, I most-definitely won’t complain.

I really want to go swimming right now, but I really should work on thank-you notes.  Rats.  Practicality wins again.  I’m off to write thank-you’s.  Maybe we’ll have time to swim later.

Signing off….

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