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Talk about It Tuesday: On the Verge of Tears

So, I had a dream I had already written this. I had a cool title and everything… pssh. 🙂  Oh, well.

It’s Talk about It Tuesday, and what’s on my mind today is God’s blessing.

There’s one thing that happens to me every time Adam and I pray together before we go to sleep at night.  I want to cry. … Wow, Ashley, that’s strange. …. I know!  I’ve never been a crier as an adult but it gets me every time.

Haven’t you ever just been overwhelmed by God’s blessing? I am every time I spend time with husband, every time he takes my hand and leads us in prayer, and every time I spend time with those I love.  Sometimes it’s the seemingly simple things that make me just so overwhelmed too.

Here’s my list of things that God has blessed me with:

My Family

My Friends

My Church

My Job

My Home

and last, but definitely not least…

Forgiveness, Salvation, and Sanctification

Sometimes I forget what life would be like without that blessing.  Sometimes during the day I take it all for granted.  Sometimes I cruise through my day not giving all this much thought.  However, it’s at the end of the night, when I realize what I have that some people only wish for, that I am overwhelmed by His Hand of blessing on our lives.

So, in the midst of our busy day, let’s take the time to recognize all that we have to be thankful for.

What do you have to be thankful for?

Tune in next week for more Talk about It Tuesdays!

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