My Junior-High-Purple Nail Polish

I’m realizing I’m still wearing my toenail polish from Michaela’s wedding. I’m not sure I want to tell you how long that makes it…… ok.  I painted them the morning of August 21st.  Gross.  I know.

I have to admit.  I don’t own any nail polish remover. {I can see you rolling your eyes at me, Michaela. 🙂 }

In a weird way, my old nail polish reminds me of my friend John*.  ?? Don’t worry; he doesn’t wear nail polish.  I just realized I wrote on his Facebook wall a long time ago, and he never replied.  I wrote on his wall today–I don’t expect a reply.

Some of us are like that…:) …. like my old nail polish.  Someone of us hang onto those old times, those good memories, and never let them go.  Some of us are like my friend John.  We move on and unfortunately, forget the good times or focus so much on other things that we forget how God used those people and friends in our lives to bring us where we are today.

I hope I don’t become like that.  In a way, I hope I’m like my month-old, junior-high-purple toenails.  I hope I never forget the different parts of my life – my childhood, my highschool years, my college years, and now my married years 🙂 – and all the lessons learned, friends made, inside jokes treasured, embarrassing moments experienced, etc. that were involved with all those times of life. 🙂

I hope I always remember the stage Rob and I went through in calling EVERYTHING “jalapenos”…. and I mean EVERYTHING.

I hope I always remember dancing away to “Three Lil’ Sisters’ on stage in high school as Patty Andrews and all my failed attempts at lay-ups in basketball.

I hope I always remember my days of hanging out with the music majors at college, how I attempted (and failed) to break the ice with my first roommate by pranking her consistently, how I went to a dress-up party as a nun, how I forgot my ID in Palestinian-controlled Bethlehem, how I spent way too many hours online at night talking to a certain guy back in New York named Adam. 🙂

Maybe I should start a journal.  …. 🙂 I guess that’s why I blog.

*John is not the name of my friend.  This is not a post about him really.  I just liked the contrast.

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