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Just Another Day with Mono…

Okay, so I give.  I’m tired.

I don’t like the idea, but it’s 2:57pm, and I’m sensing the need for a nap.  Mono stinks.

I’m not complaining.  I really feel like a new person compared to how awfully I was feeling last week at this time.  Last week I hadn’t eaten a meal since Sunday,  couldn’t drink more than a few sips of liquid at a time, and felt like I just wanted someone to cut my tonsils out.  This week, although tired, I’m far from that place! 🙂

Today I haven’t gotten much accomplished.  My to-do list is still not completed.  However, the important things in life have been done, and that’s what matters the most in the end.

I had time in the Word.  I’m reading through Galatians, and wow!!  There’s so much here, that I feel like I need to re-read it once I make it through.

I made my hubby a good lunch.  That matters to me.  He’s such a hard worker, and he deserves to be served after all the service he’s offered to enable us to have the wonderful life we enjoy.

I made a Facebook group for our youth group this year!!!  I’m super-excited about this!  We have started a new program this year to take our youth group to a new level, and we are praying for God to do serious work in all of our lives!

I decided to host a Mary Kay Holiday Party!  How fun will that be?!  🙂  I’m pretty excited to have a girls’-night-out where we pamper ourselves, drink wonderful holiday drinks, and play with cool products.  Oh, and did I mention that by having one of these parties, I’m able to get $50 of free merchandise.  So, we’re gonna have fun PLUS I’m getting my make-up products with a serious discount… =)  Somehow that seems so neat to me.

I put away my laundry!  That’s productivity, right?! 🙂

Did I mention that my wonderful brother-in-law/friend gave Adam and I a Macbook for a  wedding present?! =)  We are so thankful!  Thanks, Aaron!!

Ok, I’m off to have a short nap before I make dinner. It’s pizza night tonight! =)

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