Faith, Talk about it Tuesdays

Talk about It Tuesdays: Musings

In the past two weeks of having mono, I’ve become very quiet.  Not having a voice makes that happen.  However, it’s affected me overall in a way that I believe is a good thing.  I’ve always been a thinker, but I’m learning to appreciate silence and deep thoughts and just mulling something over in my mind.

Today’s Talk about It Tuesday feels like that.  I’ve alot on my mind.  This morning I was thinking about Galatians as I read through the book and just marveled at how I could ever get bored or think I “know it all” about the Word!  Then, later, I read a friend’s blog and sorrowed at the great outreach and activism I see but how I see not much –if any– passion for the Lord in it.  Today I’ve been musing about my Castle Creek mission field and how my hours of preparation for missions, wing small groups, and staff positions at The Master’s College are now applicable in my day-to-day life with kids I’m learning to really care about.

I’m learning to be still.

The point here is this.  I don’t have a solid topic to discuss today that argues a point or demands a verdict.  I have just one request.

Keep learning.

Keep growing.

Keep seeking the Lord.

That’s my thought today as I can’t gather all of these topics in my heart into one discussion of this point or that issue.

Please run after Him.  Don’t grow lukewarm in your desires to honor and please Him.

It’s so easy to lose perspective: to start doing the right things with the wrong motives, to start doing the wrong things and justifying it, to stop doing what we know we ought to because we just don’t have time.

Take a moment to re-focus.  Take a moment to soberly look at your life as compared to the Word.  What are you justifying?  What are you ignoring?  What sin are you coddling??

Am I sober today?  Slightly.

Life…. the Truth…. is that important.


Tune in next week for more Talk about It Tuesdays

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