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The End of A Busy Week….

Sigh…. so much to say… so little time…. and not enough food in my stomach to focus.

I’ve decided I might just have a serious problem. I don’t know anyone who is as obsessed with food as I am.  Poor Adam.  Last night we were on the way home from Grandma Schneider’s where we had celebrated Mom’s birthday, and as full as I was, all I could think about was recipes and cooking!!!  I sat there in silence, and then finally realized I’d been thinking about the same thing –food!– for about an hour!  Who does that?!

Today is the same.  In my free time between editing essays, I’ve been on all sorts of websites looking at recipes, planning meals, and getting excited about going grocery shopping. 🙂  Okay, the bill never excites me but the food does!  Two of the things on my plan for food this upcoming week or two include chicken divan and chicken cordon bleu!! 🙂  Mmmhmmmmm!!!!

This past week I had, for the first time ever, a guest blogger for Food-Filled Fridays, and I was so happy to see a great response from my readers. Everyone loved it, Cadie! =) I know I did, and it made me want to go buy concord grapes to try to make it myself.  However, I felt sorta gipped (by choice, of course) to not be able to write about food yesterday, so…. yep, you guessed it!  I want to write about food today! 🙂

This past week I tried eggplant french fries!  I was pretty pleased with them, although I doubt they’re much healthier than normal fries ’cause eggplant is pretty absorbent of oil, and this recipe I used called for a breading over them.  I still really enjoyed them, and it was good to use up some extra eggplant I’ve had lying around. 🙂

So, I’m dying to go grocery shopping.  The last time I officially went shopping was September 1st, so gasp…. we’re naturally quite bare in the kitchen at the moment.  That hasn’t stopped my cooking at all.  It’s just forced me to be a little creative. 🙂 I was going to go today–and will probably  make it to Wegmans and Aldis–but I have had to work 5 hours and –whoops!– we overslept our alarm of 6:30am.

This past week has just been so busy, and every evening is filled with some sort of event.  Tonight is the last of this week’s busyness: we have a 6pm wedding to attend for one of the lumber mill’s loggers.  Then, tomorrow, it’s church and an afternoon picnic with another employee at the mill.  Monday is work (yeah, no holidays here….), and an evening of dessert at Applebees with some of my best girlfriends in celebration of a few of our birthdays.  (I think I’m gonna go with the hot fudge sundae shooter….mmmhmmmm)

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Tuesday through Saturday is work with every evening being evangelistic meetings at church.  I have to admit; I feel like taking a nap just thinking about this week’s schedule.  Hopefully I get to hang out with my husband for a little more than 45 min/day this week.  It sure felt like that was the max I saw Adam every day this past week.  It got old.

So, as I told you all a few weeks ago, I’ve been given the label of mono.  Do you think I’m over it yet?  Do you think I can start running again? I really don’t like being inactive all the time.  Having a computer job makes me stationary for quite a few hours in a row. I just want to be more active.

We’re getting internet at the cabin this week, and I’m super-excited about that!!  That means that when I finish an essay early, I’ll actually be able to do something productive like tackle the pile of dishes waiting to be washed, make some sort of dessert, mop my floors, prep dinner, put away laundry, etc.  Whoohoo!  How wonderful will that be?!

Well, I’m off work for now. I put my five hours in today.  Now I’m off to run a few errands and maybe grab a 45-min nap—yeah, right. lol

Until next time….

Ashley Bowman

2 thoughts on “The End of A Busy Week….”

  1. I haven’t heard if chicken divan, but I pretty much like anything with chicken. Its weird that you just had “extra eggplant laying around! I look forward to the chicken cordon bleu! Have fun and don’t forget to rest a little 😛

    1. lol…
      I’m not feeling so sick anymore–thank God, so I’m not much into resting, to be honest.
      Chicken divan is a chicken, cheddar cheese, broccoli, rice, and sort of mustard sauce casserole that is the bomb!
      I’m planning on making the chicken cordon bleu this week, so maybe I’ll talk about that this Friday (or sooner! 😉 ).
      Thanks for the comment!

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