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Up and Running

I have so much to say today, and right now only twelve minutes ’til work begins.  First off all, let me bullet my points so I don’t forget anything:

  • pizza/garlic knots
  • thankful stuff
  • home-internet

Phew…. there we go. lol…I used to sometimes write a list like that when I journaled. Sometimes a little word or phrase will activate my memory, so I don’t forget everything that’s on my mind. 🙂

I’ll start from the bottom of that list (yeah, the order doesn’t matter).

I’m working from home!!! 🙂  How exciting!! I’m sitting at my dining room table enjoying internet, enjoying not wearing any shoes–only cozy socks–and the freedom I will have to run and multi-task between essays or if an essay edit runs short.    Whoohoo! Praise the Lord!

I was thinking this morning of a few things I’m thankful for.  First of all, I’m thankful for iTunes.  That sounds like a silly thing to say, but yesterday morning I enjoyed a chapel message on knowing God’s calling in your life from The Master’s Seminary and this morning, I listed to a professor speak in chapel at The Master’s College on the topic of patience.  One thing I loved that he said was that you can’t love without patience.  Love is patient.  I know that sounds so… elementary, but it struck me in a new way today.

Another thing I’m thankful for is the tiny blessing…. of a mailbox.

Our Mailbox!

Really, in actuality, I’m thankful for a hard-working husband who surprised me last night by informing me that he’d put up our mailbox.  I was quite surprised and pretty excited—simple pleasures for sure!  However, sometimes it’s good to take the time to thank the Lord for those little things.

Little things can also refer to little kittens (or cats, really).  Last night, Adam was changing a blown lightbulb in our dining room ceiling fan.  In order to do this, he had to bring in a pretty tall ladder.  Well, as he was up there changing the lights, he suddenly realized he had a little buddy there to join him– Watson had climbed the ladder to “help”.  It was really sweet to watch Adam talking to Watson and to see how Watson wanted to be up in everything that Adam was doing up there.  It made us laugh and it even made me motivated to run outside in the 30-something degree weather to get the camera out of the car.

Adam and Watson hard at work =)

I’m also thankful today for laughter.  I realized today as I was getting ready for my day this morning that I’m super-thankful for a husband I can laugh with.  I’m thankful for sarcasm, for honesty, and for a real friendship that allows us to give each other the hardest time and say the craziest things to each other… because we know that we truly love each other and we both love to be ridiculous in our humor.  (Of course, that being said, there is always caution needed to be sure one doesn’t take it too far.)  So, long story short, I’m thankful for a man I can laugh, cry, pray, study, sing, and eat with. 🙂

Since we’re on the subject of food….. I did a “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” thing today!!….and lo, and behold, I think it was a success.  Of course, Adam hasn’t tried it yet, but I’m pretty sure I love it. 🙂

I was recently given a recipe for gluten-free cinnamon buns.  The dough is what the recipe calls “soft”, and one thing I noticed when I made the cinnamon buns was that the dough had a springy, yeasty texture much like non-gf pizza dough.

Well, pizza is on the menu for lunch today, so I decided to give it a shot.  I altered the recipe from a sweet, gooey cinnamon bun to a seasoned (eh…or not quite seasoned enough actually) but soft pizza dough!

Scrumptious! =)

It’s soft, it’s bendable, and it tastes pretty stinkin’ great!!! 🙂  I would definitely season the dough a little more with some garlic, salt, and Italian herbs, but wow…. it tastes almost real!….er….gluten-filled!!  Even if Adam thinks it’s “just pretty good“, I would say that this recipe is definitely a possibility for making garlic knots! Yum yum!

So, why am I making pizza at 10am, when Adam’s not even home ’til 12:30pm?  Well, I figured if I was going to have a chance to make my “normal” pizza crust for Adam as well as this new kind for him to try (this way if it was crap, we could throw it away and still eat lunch), I would need to start early. I only have one pizza stone (from Pampered Chef–amazing!) and I need time to make the real kind later.

So, there we go… *scans to top of document to check bulleted list*…

Those are my few thoughts for the moment. 🙂

P.S.  Regarding my title, I’ve been able to get up with Adam in the mornings now. That’s a big blessing.  I’m so happy to be getting over this mono.  Getting up with him (and staying up) allows me to tackle my to-do list way earlier than if I’d slept in (um…duh) as well as spend some quality time in the Word first thing in the morning.

Also, on that same note of being “up and running”, I got a cord for my camera, so that is up and running, and we have pictures again! 🙂

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