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My “Day Off”

As many of you know, this month has proven to be one of less-than-financial earnings. Because I mostly work tutoring college students, I’ve had a break while they have–a month long break.  Pampered Chef has been a little rocky and unreliable as well, as this economy doesn’t afford much for pleasure-buying on the part of my customers.

Needless to say, I’m ready to go back to work. I’ve even applied a few places in hopes of additional employment, but as of now, the Lord has me working at home. I’m not sitting around relaxing – that’s for sure – although I’ve enjoyed sleeping in ’til 9am two days in a row this week! Gasp! I never get to do that!

My days off of work have been filled with many tasks, and today, my most-productive day so far this week, has been filled with food- and home-related tasks that I have to admit I’m very proud of.

First of all, this morning I ran 3 miles. Yes, I’m training for the 1/2-marathon I recently told you about, and it’s going really well. I’m super-thankful for a supportive teammate, husband, and trainer who keeps me from over-doing it and yet challenges me to do my best.  I’m very new at this whole long-distance running thing, and he’s kept me from running myself into the ground (haha…pun intended) by forcing me to take days off.  This simple but strange concept to me has allowed for some other important tasks to get accomplished but still sorta’ boggles my mind. Anyway…

After that, I got to cleaning my kitchen. It was in desperate need of a deep cleanse. After that, I started the process of making healthy ice cream (YES!! It’s possible… 🙂 Stop drooling on your keyboard), threw some gluten-free pumpkin chocolate chip cookies in the oven, and tackled my weekly cleaning of the bathroom.

After that, I decided that my cabinets, which were super-messy and disorganized before (Yeah… organization – not a strength here), needed some serious re-vamping. So, I worked on that, and now, I wish I’d taken before and after pictures, because they look worlds better!

So, enough about my boring day of cleaning and organizing!  Here’s something I know you’re eagerly awaiting: recipes.


Gluten-Free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

From the kitchen of Bonnie Bowman

1C pumpkin
1/2 C oil 
1 egg
1C sugar
1 tsp vanilla
Mix and add to wet ingredients:
2C flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp Xanthan Gum
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon
Mix 1 tsp baking soda with 1 tsp milk and add.
1C chocolate chips
1/2C walnuts (optional)
Drop on greased sheets and bake at 350 about 10-13 minutes.
Makes 3 dozen large cookies.

Was that super-easy or what?! They’re some of Adam’s favorites!  He likes them better than normal chocolate chip cookies actually, so why not give him some nutrients in his cookies?  (Read about pumpkin nutrients here.)


Now, for this healthy ice cream I was talking about. I know you’re curious and slightly skeptical as to how this works, and so was I before I tried it.  I mean, after all, you can get lucky with a healthy black bean chocolate cake, but healthy ice cream?! I think not!

Think again, my friend! Think again!

The main (and only) ingredient in this masterpiece dessert has some of the following characteristics:

  • There are approximately 150 calories in 6 oz. of this ingredient. (That’s as little as the typical yogurt and only 25 calories per ounce.)
  • It has 0 g. fat, 0 g. cholesterol, 0 g. sodium per ounce.
  • It offers 3 g. natural sugar, 6 g. carbs, and 1g dietary fiber per ounce.
  • It offers 5% of your daily intake of B6, 4% of your daily intake of vitamin c, 4% of your daily intake of manganese, and 3% of your daily intake of potassium.
  • It is proven to be good for your bones, kidneys, and blood (high in iron)
  • The FDA is marketing this ingredient as good for reducing risks of high blood pressure and strokes
  • It is known to fight morning sickness, heartburn, and intestinal disorders.

Give up yet? It’s the banana. This single ingredient is great for you!  Now, let’s learn how to take this healthy fruit option and turn it into dessert!

Peel and slice up as many bananas as desired as you would for cereal.
Spread them out on a glass dish, plate, or even cookie sheet.
Freeze for a good 2 hours.
Blend up slices of banana in a food processor/blender.
You will need to shut it off often to stir the bananas and ensure their equal blending.
Watch as your bananas turn to a creamy, soft-serve style ice cream.
Refreeze for a hard ice cream texture.
Use 3 6oz. bananas to make an approximate pint of ice cream.
The Final Product!
So, are you going to try it?  I have been super-pleased with the results. It’s such a wonderful, cool treat that I am able to enjoy guilt-free as my husband eats his bowl, large bowl, quart, carton of ice cream in the evening. In fact, it’s so low in calories and sugar and so high in nutrients that I can even justify adding some kind of topping if desired. I personally like warmed up and drizzled, creamy peanut butter.  What about you?

Data regarding bananas taken from:

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4 thoughts on “My “Day Off””

  1. LOVE bananas that way…. we use the juicer with the blank plate and do both frozen strawberries and bananas (actually any frozen fruit works, but we most often do strawberries and bananas). It is such a refreshing and healthy treat! Will have to try them in the blender though…much easier to clean!

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