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Product Reviews: All About Cookies Gluten-Free Cookies

When I first contacted Sandi from All About Cookies, I had no idea that our business partnership would be so encouraging to me personally.  This New Jersey “Cookie Mom” and I ended up spending about 30 minutes on the phone one evening talking about gluten-free cooking, starting a new business, and what product reviewing looks like on a blog.

Like any businessperson, Sandi was proud of her cookies.  She also claimed, like most, that her cookies were easily mistaken as “normal” cookies and don’t taste gluten-free.  I was hopeful… and now that I’ve tasted the two flavors of her scrumptious cookies, I have to agree with her.  Not limited to gluten-free eating myself and not even a sweets addict, I could actually find myself consuming her cookies in great number.

But let’s get more specific….

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free


Pros: I was immediately impressed with the appearance of the two flavors of cookies set

Chunky Love chocolate-peanut butter cookies

before me in the package I received. Individually packaged with a wonderful flavor label on the front and a list of ingredients and nutritional values on the back, the cookies were immediately tantalizing in appearance.

Cons: The cookies have the appearance of perhaps being a little dry.  They don’t look special.  They are very “ordinary” in appearance.


Pros: Wow… the taste of each of these cookies is like an explosion of glorious and balanced flavor in your mouth.  My husband correctly described the Chunky Love (chocolate peanut butter) cookies: “They’re not so strong that you can’t finish one, but they’re hearty enough that you don’t need 3 or 4 of them to enjoy them.” A truer statement could not be said.  The balance of flavor is perfect!

Cons: Both of Sandi’s options include peanut butter, so if you’re not a fan of peanut butter, you’re out of luck.  Adam likes peanut butter mixed with other flavors, so he’s much more a fan of the Chunky Love chocolate peanut butter cookies than the Kissime peanut butter cookies. I hope she expands her line beyond peanut butter options for my peanut-allergy readers as well.


Pros: There is a definite chunky feel to each of her cookie flavors, as each offers whole white chocolate chips, nuts, coconut, etc.  This adds to the “heartiness” (and flavor) as each bite of the cookie offers more than a bite of traditional cookie dough. Glorious!  Unlike I would have feared, the cookies are moist throughout and have a shelf-like of us to two weeks.

Cons: These cookies could easily be converted into a cookie bar because of their thickness.  They’re not a delicate, entertaining cookie; they’re definitely a casual, post-meal treat.

What I Love

I can’t stop sharing how much I love these cookies!  Again, as a non-gf eater, I’m even tempted to eat them all (before 9am no less!).  I had to purposely not send any with Adam this morning (He wanted to take them for a snack at work) so I could get pictures taken and the review written. I don’t expect them to last long in this home! 🙂

I really, really love the richness of each cookie. They’re just rich enough to satisfy any sweet tooth I have, yet not so rich that I could find myself disgusted at the end of the cookie.  They’re a perfect balance of flavors and texture!

What I’d Improve

Kissime peanut butter cookies

I think I really summed up what I’d improve in my discussion of taste.  All About Cookies definitely needs to produce their wonderful cookies in other flavors besides peanut butter to widen their customer base and increase interest (for those that aren’t as in love with peanut butter as I am!).

Overall Rating: A+

Buy All about Cookies gluten-free cookies here or contact Sandi directly at!!

2 thoughts on “Product Reviews: All About Cookies Gluten-Free Cookies”

  1. Hey Ash,

    I really was encouraged to read this article. I have been looking for a good GF cookie for some time now. Where did you purchase these? Does she have a website online?

    Thanks for this review. I’m excited to give them a try.

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