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Here in America. There in Egypt.

The end of a long week has come, and I’m very happy. I have no idea why this week seemed so long to me, but I’m happy to announce just a little bit of news.

I return to work (tutoring) on Monday at 9am (Whoohoo!). I’m actually really looking forward to this.  Bring it on!  My hours stink; I have about 10-15 hrs next week, but it’s better than nothing and leaves time for other work I’ll be doing around the house and in preparation for our trip coming up next week.

Trip, you say? Yes! We leave in one week for the Biblical Counseling Training Conference in Lafayette, Indiana! I’m super-excited for a week-long marinade (yes, a food analogy — of course!) in the Bible and some great, solid teaching!  (Check out the speakers, the schedule, and more information here.) It’s such a wonderful conference which is not only spiritually exhilarating but also relaxing as Adam and I get to spend some time with each other, with his mom, and Mandy and Justin (his sister and brother-in-law).

So.. writing a post and not posting about food seems impossible to me.  A friend of ours Mike Mrva (the caterer for our wedding) has been offering contests on Facebook for a chance to win his quality meats.  Well, I won!!! I tied with two other people in our attempts to figure out the ingredients of a chipotle smoked cheese spread he had made at a barbecue school he had attended.  We won a bin of pulled pork nachos which were absolutely amazing!!!

They were corn chips topped with slow-smoked (12 hrs in the smoker) pulled pork,

Wonderful nachos from Mr. Mrva

topped with a homemade honey/bbq sauce, four kinds of shredded cheese, and spicy jalapeños.  Drooling yet? 🙂  They were wonderful, and we stuffed our faces with the delicious nachos for dinner last night.  Sigh…. *rubs my stomach contentedly*…

(The caterer is local – Vestal, NY – and does sell his smoked meats.  He does all sorts of juice-injections, spice rubs, and marinades.  For more information, contact him here.)

On a very different note, I was watching the news last night at the fire station (before I ran my 3.75 miles… yay!) and thought I saw one of the streets I remember so clearly from my time in Cairo.  It was weird. Even in the midst of the chaos, I miss being there. I found myself looking for familiar faces in the crowds of rioting people, thinking about the great memories we had there, missing my Egyptian traveling companions, and the whole Middle-Eastern culture. Call me crazy… it’s ok.

I miss Egyptian food a lot too.  I’m craving Israeli/Jewish food too and feeling homesick for the Holy Land.  Ugh… how do we save for an expensive trip when we have so many bills to pay?  Any ideas?

Some of my favorite pictures from my trip to Egypt:

John, Praus, me, and Lindy
At the Sphinx
Lindy is my twin-at-heart in so many ways
The two brothers/cousins, John, and some random guy terrorizing Lindy while she slept.

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