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Product Reviews: Lizbeth Lane Simmering Sauces

Gourmet cooking is supposedly not for “a simple man” like my husband.  That’s what he said. However, I often serve him gourmet foods just prepared in a low-effort manner. Yes, that’s possible. In fact, if you look up the definition of gourmet, it almost describes Adam’s taste in food to a T:

  1. Someone who is a connoiseur of good food and drink.
  2. Gourmet food is of the highest quality and flavor, prepared well and presented in an artful manner.

(Taken from

So, in actuality, Adam is a fine, gourmet eater –he just doesn’t realize.

I mention all this because two nights ago, I served a gourmet meal. I call it that, because it was “of the highest quality and flavor”.  I say this because I served my husband rice flour-breaded chicken, cooked Lizbeth Lane Gourmet Cuisine’s Roasted Red Pepper and Basil Cream simmering sauce.  Drooling yet?

It was the easiest recipe. I think I started my cooking about 25 minutes before we wanted to eat. The product was wonderful.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Egg-Free


Pros: I don’t have to say that this sauce looks amazing, although it does. I don’t have to

A glorious, gluten-free product

say that the chunks of fresh vegetables (red peppers, onion, basil, garlic, and red pepper flakes) simmering in a cream-based, tomato sauce doesn’t appear like I just spent hours making it myself, but it really does! I love how fresh this simmering sauce appears! I would most-definitely be comfortable serving this fresh-looking sauce to guests without feeling guilty that I actually dumped it in a pan from a jar.  Quality sauce here!

Cons:  I wish I could come up with some negative aspects of this sauce’s appearance. It’s rich and creamy and all-natural.  Must I say more?

Pros: This sauce tastes amazing! In fact, I think I licked every spoon I used to prepare it and savored every little drop on my plate!  This sauce is savory with a slight sweet flavor, a tang of natural roasted red pepper, and a base that is creamy and rich.  I saved all the extra sauce, and Adam’s having leftovers for lunch! I wish there was enough left for two!
Cons: I’m a cheese-lover. Yes, more like a cheese addict. I think the one thing I would improve with this sauce is an inclusion of parmesan cheese in the sauce to add a slightly salty and cheesy spin on it.  Both Adam and I topped our meals with parmesan.  That’s my only “complaint”.

Pros: With a gluten-free sauce, cooks often fall into a few pitfalls.  Either the sauce is a little runny or it’s too clumpy because of an imbalanced use of cornstarch.  This sauce is neither!  It’s a perfectly, creamy sauce that no one would ever guess was gluten-free.
Cons: I have zero negative to say in this regard.

What I Love
Adam's plate

Versatility is always key to me in regards to sauces.  I love the versatility offered with this sauce.  Adam was thinking about this sauce a while after eating (a few days, actually) — that’s saying alot for this company — and he said he would love to use this sauce to top his venison sausage. I could see it as a thick marinara sauce for dipping or a pizza sauce. The possibilities are endless!

What I’d Improve

As a foodie and a love of gourmet foods, I love balanced, contrasting, and complimenting flavors.  I really think the addition of parmesan cheese to this sauce would send it over the top!

Overall Rating: A
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