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Product Reviews: Blush Bakery Sweet Muffins, Cupcakes, and Cookies

“Wow! These people know what they’re doing!”  Any baker that gets that raving review

Mocha Brownies...mmmm

from my food-connoisseur husband automatically deserves an A+ in my book.  Whether it be the banana muffins, the mocha brownie, the sour cream coffee cake muffin, or the cranberry pecan cookies, the snacks that come from Blush Bakery’s kitchen are phenomenal.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free


Pros:  I believe that smell definitely falls under the category of appearance. After all, all the professionals say we “eat with our eyes”… and I would add nose to that statement. It’s true. If something smells amazing, there is an immediate desire to eat it.  Well, with these wonderful snacks from Blush Bakery in Chico, CA, the smell of these muffins and cupcakes traveled well, and I welcomed my first viewing with great delight.

Banana muffin

Not only are each individual muffin/cookie/cupcakes personally wrapped, but their ingredients are listed with the allergy-information clearly posted.  What a wonderful company policy!

Cons: Muffins are hard to ship, so they got a tiny bit squished.  No one in my house noticed though!


Pros:  Adam doesn’t often talk about the snacks he takes to work. Maybe ’cause that’s because he takes so many. However, after taking the Blush Bakery muffins to work, he came back with rave reports very shortly after he got home! I had already done some taste-testing of my own; and he was so right!  The desserts are sweet and well-balanced in flavor and they’re light but hearty (as opposed to heavy)!  That flour combination Blush Bakery has is a definite winner!

Cons: I definitely have nothing negative to say here!


Pros: If I haven’t mentioned this before, let me tell you now. If I have, let me state this fact again.  Blush Bakery has mastered the art of moist gluten-free tasty treats.  I received

sour cream coffee cake muffins

the treats in the mail after a long trip from California.  They were moist then. I have recently pulled the remaining piece of the mocha brownie out of the fridge for Adam to try –I had to force myself not to eat the whole thing and let him test it too — and it was still moist!  That, my friends, is an art!

Cons: How can I say something that doesn’t normally stay moist for longer than a few days is too moist?  You’re right; I can’t.  I didn’t want to anyway. 🙂

What I Love

I love the moisture in these baked goods. I love Blush Bakery’s variety too!  I had everything from a traditional coffee cake muffin to the more delicacy-style mocha brownie to a more healthy cranberry pecan cookie.  There is really something for everyone!

What I’d Improve

How can you improve on perfection?

My one suggestion: I’d love to serve these at a party, but they’d have to ship looking a little nicer.  Better shipping techniques?


Overall Rating: A+


Buy yourself some of these moist, tasty treats here!

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