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Product Reviews: Po’s Bag of Bones Bakery Gluten-Free Dog Treats

My father-in-law has Celiacs. Recently, he has been suffering from a rash on his hands and


arms. It wasn’t until I talked to Lauren at Po’s Bag of Bones Bakery that I connected the fact that Dad was constantly in contact with Colt, his German shepherd, and all of Colt’s toys, food, treats, and yes, slobber.

Did you know that you can react to gluten in animal food?  There’s gluten in most animal food, treats, etc, so why wouldn’t contact with glutenous materials react with your sensitive system?

Some dogs actually have to eat gluten-free as well.  This was news to me recently, but I know a woman whose dogs are all gluten-free. Apparently, once you take a dog off gluten, they don’t adjust to be back on it anymore than a human would after years of being away from it.

I was very blessed to be able to learn all this useful information as I talked to Lauren and to work with her spreading awareness of this fact.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, All-Natural, Preservative-Free

These dog treats are all-natural, preservative-free, and made from healthy ingredients. As a result, they need to be kept in the refrigerator.  However, even after a good week in the fridge, they were still holding their shape (not crumbling) and a wonderful treat for my in-law’s 8-month German shepherd.

gluten-free ginger dog treats

My mother-in-law reported to me that Colt enjoys the treats a lot. Although Colt himself is not strictly gluten-free, the concept of a possible reaction for my father-in-law to the food and treats Colt was eating.

Although simple in review because tasting is not an option for us, I can honestly say I stand behind this product with a confidence and gratitude for the work Po’s Bag of Bones Bakery is doing to offer variety for gluten-free eating dogs and for gluten-free owners who should not be in direct contact with gluten-filled products.


Overall Rating: A+


Buy these dog treats (and numerous other flavors) here!

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