Super Bowl Predictions 2011

So, here we are. It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and we’re enjoying a relaxing afternoon at Phil

Super Bowl 45 (in case you didn't know Roman numerals...)

and Megan Ross’ house in Goshen, Indiana. Yes, surprise.  Adam and I took a trip this Super Bowl. Just kidding.  This starts the week of the Biblical counseling training conference Adam and I (and Mom and Mandy and Justin) attend yearly in Lafayette, Indiana, at Faith Baptist Church.  The Super Bowl being tonight just happens to allow for a somewhat untraditional yet fun Super Bowl party in our hotel room. Adam’s rooting for the Packers; I’m rooting for the snacks.  Yes, in case you didn’t know this already, I couldn’t care less about football, plays, and even the Super Bowl commercials.

So, my predictions for Super Bowl this year:

  • One team is going to win. For Adam’s sake, I hope it’s the Packers.
  • A good number of people will skip the opening session of the conference tonight in order to not miss the first quarter of the game.
  • A ridiculous amount of Americans attending Super Bowl parties will use this game as an excuse to eat all sorts of unhealthy food with absolutely zero regret (until afterwards).
  • Half of the Super Bowl audience will mute or turn off the Black-Eyed Peas’ half-time show.
  • Restaurants will make a fortune out of turning on their televisions today.
  • There will be no one in the hotel’s workout room tonight, so I’m going to run my 4 miles.

Yes, that’s about all I know about with football. 🙂 If I were home, I’d be making all sorts of snacky foods for sure; but again, the best part of the whole celebration is the buffets of unhealthy foods. (Honk if you agree with me.)

We’re off to Lafayette. Viva la Packers!

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl Predictions 2011”

  1. Honk, honk~~~ well, except for the part of the Packers winning.
    Hahahaha yep, I’m posting after the game. Yes, your son’s team won.
    We won’t mention any team name here. But then someone had to lose.
    Too bad it was our favorite household team. (insert smile here).
    It’s all in fun and I enjoyed your preditictions.

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