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The Lord knows our needs…

We’re finally at the Bible counseling training conference in Lafayette, Indiana.  Today has been our first day of sessions. Wow…. now I remember why I loved Master’s College so much and why we look forward to this conference so much every year. It’s amazing.

However, it is like drinking from a fire hose, as I wish I had a little more time and mental capacity to not only take in all the topics being discussed but also effectively apply all these truths to my own life and to the counsel I give to people I come in contact with.

Today’s sessions were dynamic.  We discussed

counseling the suicidal
understanding the lies of anorexia and bulimia
attachmemt disorder
how to share the Gospel in the counseling room
when medicines are helpful and what they can and can’t accomplish
self-counsel and what we need to do before we enter the counseling room as the counselor
current trends in Biblical counseling

That’s just today!!  There’s so much to process, so much to pray over, so much to consider to apply to my own heart and life.

If I could pick one major thing from the day, it would be the comment that Kevin Carson said in his lecture on counseling self:

Insight is the point where we get the “Ah ha!” moment regarding an aspect of truth.  Change is what we do with that knowledge.  Insight without change is hypocrisy.

The Lord is so good to put us here at this conference to grow us through the intense teaching here.  It’s been quite the encouragement, and it’s only day one!!


*Sidenote: If anyone wants to ask questions regarding a session or wants to see my notes, please feel free to contact me.*

2 thoughts on “The Lord knows our needs…”

  1. Sounds very interesting and insightful, have a great time in Indiana!

    Just wondering though, are they giving helpful info on how to deal with those who are not Christians? I think it’s hard to counsel someone from a Biblical perspective on eating disorders/suicidal thoughts when they don’t believe what you believe? Does that make sense? lol

    1. Hey Grace! Yes, that makes sense! The issue is bringing them to the cross. The outer expression of eating disorders/suicidal thoughts are just that–outer expressions of stuff going on inside the heart. So, in that case, our first goal is bringing them to salvation. They have to realize nothing will satisfy without Him. Make sense? 🙂

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