Just Me: One Week without Makeup

If you didn’t know already, on our trip to Lafayette, Indiana, my makeup was stolen from my hotel room. Yes, lame.  My only thought is that they must have thought my makeup bag looked like a jewelry bag or something ’cause (no offense to anyone who sells Mary Kay), stealing about $100 of Mary Kay makeup seems a little lame to me. (They did take my Hollister sweater too–my favorite, ugh–so I guess they had good taste.)

Well, Mandy, my sister-in-law, sells Mary Kay, and she didn’t have the items in stock to replace the stolen ones, so I’ve now been approximately a week without makeup.


Wow, I didn’t realize how naked I felt without it until the first day when I had nothing (no foundation, no mascara) to enhance my looks and Adam and I were going out to a friend’s basketball game. What was I to do? Wear blush without foundation? Wear eye shadow without mascara?

I actually wrestled with this for a day and a half as I had this slight breakout on the left side of my face. Nice timing. Adam was not only reassuring as to his love for me (Wonderful man that he is!) but he actually expressed some joy at the lack of makeup and the “natural beauty” he saw. 🙂 That, of course, made makes my heart sing, and I’ve stepped back to reconsider the American culture’s painting of a woman’s face.

Proverbs 31, of course, reminds me of the necessity of inner beautyf and temporal aspects of physical beauty:

Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain,
but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.

1 Peter 3:3-4 also says:

Do not let your adorning be external—the braiding of hair and the putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear— but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious.

So… I’ve got my new makeup now, thanks to the generosity of my mother-in-law who wouldn’t hear of anything else but her replacing it all for me (WOW!!).  To be honest, although I’ve had it for a full 24 hours now, I’ve only used the mascara.  Am I anti-makeup now? no.  Am I against any enhancement of the outer person? Um…no…

I’ve just become comfortable with “just me”.  There really is a natural beauty in the undecorated and a freedom in the vulnerability.

What are your thoughts?

7 thoughts on “Just Me: One Week without Makeup”

  1. Ok…first of all, it cracked me up that the “google ad” for this blog post is for an Elizabeth Arden make-up bag. 🙂
    But, I can really relate to this…I typically wear very little make-up, however (particularily during the winter, when I feel rather white and pasty) I find it very hard to leave the house with out a some “color” on my face. But, there is a freedom, like you say, in looking in the mirror and learning to be happy to just see you. I find it fascinating, and, yes, often frustrating, how I can read my life and health in my face from day to day. And I think of the most beautiful people I know, and they are the ones that have a healthy, happy attitude, like to laugh (and maybe have the smile crinkles to prove it), and are easy and gentle to be with. This shows in their faces, and maybe, if they were caked with cosmetics, just might be harder to see……

  2. Make-up all the way! While my goal in even getting into MK was to clear up my very bad skin so I would feel comfortable w/o make-up, I still enjoy the touch of make-up and how it “makes” me feel good. So while my husband is content w/ me no matter what (w/ or w/o make-up) he also enjoys me when I feel like I look good. The Bible does say to not focus just on the outer so I strongly believe that when used in balance make-up is a lot of fun. I also can’t help but think about the impression we give to the world. And if a little bit of make-up helps me make a better impression or easier to relate to (giving me something to talk/connect to) with my unsaved friends & neighbors than I say it’s also a great tool. Again. As with everything else, when used in balance.

  3. I haven’t worn make up much over the past few years, but I’m starting to wear a few basics. I enjoy feeling better about myself, but I don’t want to get to the point where I won’t go out of the house without make up on. Like most things, I think it’s all about the heart and a good balance (as the other lovely ladies have said).

  4. I used to sell makeup and in the last couple of years have become much more comfortable going out without any makeup at all. Would that I recognize how much my outer beauty pales to how He sees me! Great post, and welcome to The High Calling!

  5. A coupe of years ago I discovered what is actually in most make-up (ingredient wise) and decided, no way, not for me! I embarked on an experiment: no make-up and enough time to get used to the real me again! I won’t lie, it took me awhile to celebrate how I looked without the adornment, but now I am make-up free and loving it! 🙂

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