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Product Reviews: Bariatric Food Products Diet Bars

I’m not a candy bar eater. I’ve never been a sweets eater. However, there are those times when I get a slight sweet tooth. In those moments, I’d rather not grab a Snickers bar and down almost 300 calories for a taste of something sweet.  Bariatric Food Products offers sweet diet bars that are sweet, full of flavor, and only approximately 150 calories!!  Now, I can justify that!

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free (They offer 4 gluten-free flavors), Aspartame-Free (12 flavors)


Pros: How do you grade a candy bar on its appearance? Does a

Crispy Fudge and Graham Bar - S'mores in a bar!

healthy candy bar have to look like its also nasty-tasting? Not according to Bariatric Food Products! Whether you’re trying to lose weight or add a healthy but sweet snack to your diet, these bars are very appetizing, tempting, and perfect in size!

Cons: My biggest complaint with the appearance of these diet bars is actually a complaint with the packaging. Each bar doesn’t have its nutritional value directly on it (like candy bars and granola bars that are sold individually). I’m a person who likes to know the nutrition values of what I’m eating, so I thought that was something that was overlooked that should be fixed.


Pros: Mmm… As I write about these wonderful-tasting bars, I’m tempted to pull one out and enjoy it right now.  The company offers 18 delicious flavors from butter toffee, chocolate coconut, cinnamon oatmeal raisin, cookie dough, and tangy lemon crisp! They taste wonderful, they sit lightly in the stomach, and they satisfy the urge to snack!

Cons: If you’re not a fan of chocolate, your options are limited to much fewer flavors.  However, the chocolate-free flavors are amazing as well!


Pros: I love a bendy granola bar, a gooey candy bar, and sauce on everything.  These diet bars are anything from dry and crumbly!  Bendy, chewy, and moist, they’re simply wonderful!

Cons: No cons here!

What I Love

There’s much to be said for getting me to eat sweets.  I’m a salty snacker. However, what I love about these diet bars is the level of sweetness that allows me to enjoy a whole bar without being “sweeted-out” and yet satisfies my craving for something sweet and high in calories.

I also really love that these bars are high in nutrition!  The bar pictured above has the following nutritional values:

Serving Size: 1 Bar Servings Per Container: 7
Amount Per Serving
Calories 160 Calories from Fat 50
Total Fat 5g
Saturated Fat 3g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 280mg
Potassium 115mg
Total Carbohydrate 18g
Dietary Fiber 5g
Sugars 8g
Protein 15g
Iron 25% (2,000 Calorie Diet)
Vitamin A 10% (2,000 Calorie Diet)
Vitamin C 10% (2,000 Calorie Diet)
Calcium 10% (2,000 Calorie Diet)

Where do you ever find that in a snack bar?

What I’d Improve

I definitely think clearer labeling is the key to helping me like this bar better. How can I offer them to a friend who’s watching her calories if I can’t even show her how healthy they are for her?  She’ll never believe it when she tastes it! 🙂


Overall Rating: A+


Buy your Bariatric Food Products diet bars here (along with a variety of other wonderful snacks, meals, drinks, desserts, etc!)

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