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Found: My Dream Job

There a few things that happen when I fail to blog.  It could be a variety of things:

  • I had a super-busy day that meant I couldn’t blog during the day. Then, when Adam got home, there was no way I was passing up time with him to sit at the computer.
  • I had  too much on my mind to organize at the moment.
  • I had a partial blog I had written, which probably sits in my “drafts” folder, waiting to be finished.

Yesterday was a combination of all three.  Because of the first reason, I tried to blog at night while Adam was fire training. Then, because of the second, I was a little scattered at heart, and that left me at the third point, which is why I’m finishing this blog today.


Sigh… it’s Monday evening. I’m sitting in Station 2 of the Chenango Fire Company, on the floor of the exercise room. The tv is on. I’m watching NCIS on channel 35… gasp!! Not the food channel? It’s Adam Gertler’s show Kid in a Candy Store, and if you know me, that’s just not my thing.  I have no interest in watching a show dedicated to sweets, sugars, cakes, and streetside vendors’ handy candy. Ugh.

I’ve been thinking alot about God’s provision, about my lack of a job, and how as much as I need to get a job that brings in more money than tutoring does, how much I’m loving being home, cooking/baking my heart out, reviewing products, serving my man lunch and dinner every day, cuddling my three little mischievous kittens cats, and being the traditional housewife. I know,… so not politically correct.

There’s just something called priorities that keeps me loving my current position as wife and homemaker and keeps me from taking jobs like I was offered today — Tim Horton’s worker at 32 hrs/week from 2pm to 10pm.  Two to ten pm?? Do they want me to never see my husband ever?? I think not!  I’d take a job that started at 5am before I took something that took away all my evenings with my man!

I think I’ve found my ideal job actually. Have you ever been to the blog/website:  Sigh… a wife to a dedicated husband, who lives on a ranch, with four kids she homeschools, and a blog that has her writing about food, recipes, life, photography, homeschooling, etc. How awesome!

Whether or not I can have that kind of dream life I don’t know.  what I do know is this: The Lord knows the desires of my heart, He knows the needs of our lives, and He is our Provider. Of that, I am completely sure. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Found: My Dream Job”

  1. Do what makes your heart sing. I am a stay at home mom, I homeschool my three girls, I cook tremendous amounts of food daily, we grow lots of our own veggies… life is simple and I cherish it. Is this for everyone? Absolutely not, but if it brings you joy, than go for it! 🙂

  2. I hear ya sista, I love not working and having time for blogging, my art, cooking and whatever else the husband needs done. Honestly, my quality of life improved drastically after I stopped working. But obviously, I’d go back to work if I really needed to.

    And I have visited the pioneer woman site, Abbie told me about her!

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