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Product Reviews: Raven’s Roost Baked Goods

There is something to be said for a warm piece of zucchini bread or chocolate cake or banana bread or apple pie…. Drooling now? 😉

Raven’s Roost is a small vintage shop that sells everything from baked goods to vinage teacups and saucers to aprons, mounted butterflies, jams, and vintage home decor.  Today, I want to share with a little about their gluten-free (and mostly vegan) products that I have had the pleasure to review!

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Vegan (all but one product)


Perfectly packaged.


Pros: Raven’s Roost packages their products in such a natural and cute manner. Each individual coconut ball is in its own little roost within the box, each muffin/cake is clearly labeled, and each product is nicely wrapped in plastic wrap, set in a box with tissue paper, and shipped off in a manner that says “We care about quality.”  That is impressive to me.  These products shipped really well and held up nicely!

Cons:  The one complaint on appearance I received was regarding the pumpkin seed bread. The inside was green. Intentional? I’m not sure.


Pros: Sigh… where do I start? I was privileged to taste a variety of products by


this company, and the favorite is definitely the banana bread with apples!  Wow!  It offered a combination of flavors that makes me want to try to make my own loaf!  This taste is both sweet and smooth without great chunks, heaviness, or too much sugar!  Glorious!  My second favorite is definitely the zucchini chocolate cake, which is rich but not too rich, a little heavy but moist, and is a great way to trick loved ones into eating vegetables. There’s not a taste of zucchini in it except that which enhances the cake!  Mmmm….

Cons:  I have to say I was a little disappointed with the coconut balls.  Adam and I tasted them, and overall, I felt they were a little lacking in flavor. I would have liked them to be a little stronger on the coconut flavor.  We got three different flavors (original, chocolate, and rum-flavored).  The plain flavor was Adam’s favorite, while mine was the chocolate; but we both agreed the flavors were a little weak to our taste.


Zucchini chocolate cake!


Pros: As I’ve alluded to already, the banana bread with apples is moist and delectable, smooth, and something I could find myself eating every day!  The zucchini cake was great too, a little heavy, very slightly grainy, and minutely dryer, but still, this is something that I really loved.

Cons: The driest and heaviest of the baked goods selection I received was definitely the pumpkin seed bread.  The texture was pretty grainy – very wholegrain – but warmed up and topped with some butter would fix this problem, I’m sure. 🙂

What I Love

I love the natural way in which Robyn at Raven’s Roost cooks. I’ve never been a big vegan eater, but I’m captivated by what she does with her products! (All but the zucchini chocolate cake are vegan).

I really loved the way I mourned when I finished the banana bread with apples and how each product was well-cared-for, immaculately made, and shipped with professionalism and care.

What I’d Improve

I’ve really already shared my biggest concerns: the texture, heaviness, and

Warm it up with some butter 🙂

dryness of the pumpkin seed bread and the lack of flavor with the coconut balls.

Overall Ratings:

Banana Bread with Apples: A+

Zucchini Chocolate Cake: A+

Coconut Balls: C

Pumpkin Seed Bread: B


Try these delectable baked goods and check out the rest of this gorgeous vintage shop on Etsy here!

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