A Few Questions on the Mind

So, sometimes… well, often, … I get some questions in my mind that just seem like they need some answering. Tell me what you think:

On Monday, it was Presidents’ Day, which threw off my planned task of going to the bank and post office.

  • Do other countries forget their national holidays?

I go through an 18-stick pack of gum in about 2 weeks.

  • Can that be qualified as an addiction?

In John 1:45, we first hear of the disciple of Jesus, Nathaniel. Then, we hear about him one other time in a list of the disciples at the seaside after Jesus rose again.

  • Why was Nathaniel not an apostle?  Do you know who scholars think that he is?

I probably have 4-5 hoodies; however, when I want to be comfy, I turn to Adam’s clothes and wear his sweatshirts.

  • I know I’m not the only girl who does this. Why do we do this?

What other questions do you have? Let’s talk about it!

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