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Product Reviews: Dr. Happy’s Gluten-Free Bakery

Baked goods do not often ship well.  Gluten-free baked goods don’t hold up well even when they’re not shipped. Often, they last only a few short days until they’re dry little rocks, hard enough to be used by David to slay Goliath.

Dr. Happy’s Bakery is not the typical gluten-free baked goods. Off all the baked goods, I have made personally and those that I have tried made by friends or other companies, Dr. Happy’s Bakery have an impressive moist and flavorful taste that beats the large-scale companies any day of the week.

I was blessed to be able to review two of Dr. Happy’s products: What’s Up Dr. Happy Cupcakes and Monkey Brownies. Mmmm…. more details to come!

Allergy-Related Information: All-Organic, Gluten-Free


Pros: Although I’ll talk about moisture in more detail later in this review, I have to mention that the baked goods from Dr. Happy’s were extremely moist and looked it!

The money brownies were also beautiful, and I knew from the first time I set eyes on them that I was in love… :).  They were party-quality in appearance. (I could serve them to company confident about how they looked.)

Cons: The cupcakes were a little small in size (Adam ate them in one bite), and at first, I was afraid they were too moist. However, I definitely learned these were wonderful!


Pros: I was not aware when I first was going to review Dr. Happy’s products that

What's Up Dr. Happy Cupcakes

the bakery offers a center of sweet cream cheese inside both the What’s Up Dr. Happy cupcakes and the the Monkey Brownies.  Needless to say, this was a wonderful surprise, as the zesty cream cheese perfectly accented the carrot cake (the What’s Up Dr. Happy cupcakes) and the peanut butter cream inside the monkey brownies left me licking my fingers and craving more!  Neither center cream was strong nor overpowering but a wonderful addition to the texture and taste!  You know something tastes amazing in the eyes of a cook, when my first question is “How can I make this?”

Cons: The taste aspect had zero complaints!


Pros: By now, I’m sure you realize that I’m very impressed with the ability of Dr. Happy’s Bakery’s to keep their products moist and well-traveling.  We were very impressed with how the products held up through travel and over time. We kept one cupcake for a bit longer than the rest, and Adam was happy to report (when he finally ate it) that it had retained all its moisture. That is good gluten-free cooking!

Cons: The biggest complaint we had about the baked goods were that we felt the products were slightly grainy. Both products were extremely moist to the taste, and as I reviewed them, I wrestled with the possibility that the brownies were slightly undercooked they were so moist. They tasted delectable, however! 🙂

What I Love

Monkey Brownies

I would love to steal the recipe for these delicious treats! I love that this bakery is so not status quo. A carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting?  A chocolate brownie with a peanut butter layer? That’s what I’m talking about. The creativity of flavors shows a definite level of purposeful care for the typical limitations of the gluten-free eater and a desire to widen the possibilities. 🙂 I love it!

What I’d Improve

My biggest complaint with the products was the fact that the What’s Up Dr. Happy cupcakes were very small. If I were feeding children, I would love the current size, because it offers them a sweet treat without eating a large amount. For an adult, however, the portion is very small.  How about two sizes for the cupcakes, Dr. Happy?


Overall Rating: A


Don’t miss these wonderful treats!  Buy them on Etsy here!

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