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Product Reviews: Edwards & Sons Nature Factor Organic Young Coconut Water

In this world of energy drinks, double shots of caffeine, and artificial sweeteners, I have begun to have a wonderful appreciation for the natural products that God created.  Coconut water is one of them.

Bursting with potassium, manganese, and electrolytes, this low-sodium “liquid treasure” contains a small amount of natural sugars.  A rehydrating drink that’s low in calories and fat, coconut water is not only a new craze amongst health foodies, but it is gaining a recognition in the exercise and sports world as well.

(For more information, check out this site.)

I was fortunate to be able to try Nature Factor’s organic young coconut water; let me tell you all about it.

Allergy-Related Information: Contains only coconut water. No allergens.


Nature Factor’s coconut water comes in a 10 oz. can just like a soda. (Only 80 calories in the whole can!) Easy to drink, to store, and to enjoy!  Kick back and enjoy your game, take one on a run, bring one to work, keep some in a cooler at the beach, and let your tropical, natural nourishing begin!


I was really impressed with the taste of the coconut water. Best chilled, this water is not only great tasting (if you like the flavor of real coconut) but knowing all the natural nutrients it holds for me inspires me to drink more of it.

I’m very impressed with the way you can just drink this water plain and am excited to try using it as the liquid in a recipe. Why not add some much-needed nutrients to something like a cake or sweet bread recipe? =)


Overall Rating: A+


Random Coconut Water Fact:

According to, “Coconut water is the same as human blood plasma. In the past it was used as plasma for blood transfusions in many countries throughout the world. In fact, during the First World War it was used as a replacement for plasma because it is sterile, does not produce heat, does not destroy red blood cells, and is readily accepted by the body.”


Buy Nature’s Factor organic young coconut water here!

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