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Product Reviews: Better Batter Yellow Cake

I often ask my husband Adam what kind of sweets he’s in the mood for.  This way, I know whether brownies, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, spice cake, or something else will satisfy his sweet tooth.  Recently, I had the pleasure of offering him something he hardly ever gets to enjoy: gluten-free yellow cake.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free, GMO-Free, Peanut-Free


Pros: I don’t know whether or not smell should be filed under appearance or not, but the aroma of fresh, real yellow cake offered by this cake is tremendous. I’m not even a big cake-eater, and I was drooling over this cake as it came warm from the oven. It smelled great, and it looked great!

Cons: I was disappointed with the lack of tradition yellow cake color this cake offered.  I cooked the cake exactly to the recipe and for the max amount of time, and the cake was a darker yellowish-brown (almost raw-looking). Bummer.


Pros: I liked the overall flavor of this cake, as it offered a versatility for some great add-ins and multiple kinds of possible frosting!

Cons: Both Adam and I agreed this cake flavor wasn’t very strong at all. The cake itself wasn’t too sweet (which is a good thing in my mind) but along that line, it was also a little bland. I felt like I had a hard time tasting the cake when eating it.


Pros:  This cake was moist and wonderful!  There was not grainy at all, held onto the moisture well, and kept well outside the fridge (unlike some gluten-free cakes).  Well-done on mastering the cake texture!

Cons: I have zero complaints here!

What I Love

I really loved the texture of the cake as well as its versatility. I could really see myself adding fresh, sliced fruit to it or swirling in some chocolate cake for a marble cake.

What I’d Improve

I was just really disappointed with the appearance of this cake. The taste offered by this cake was party-worthy but the inside, although wonderfully moist, was not the picture of the yellow cake on the box.


Overall Rating: B


Try some wonderfully moist yellow cake yourself!  Buy this product here!

8 thoughts on “Product Reviews: Better Batter Yellow Cake”

  1. Thanks for the review…I’ve had their brownies (FANTASTIC!) and used their flour before, but I’m not a big cake eater. Might have to try this out for my son’s b-day in the fall, though.
    Sounds yummy!!!

  2. HI, Ashley!

    We can speak to the lack of traditional ‘yellow’ color in cake mix – most box mixes out there now have Yellow no.5 or other coloring agents to help boost the yellow color of the cake. We chose to omit any artificial coloring agents for health reasons – Naomi, the founder, has a son reactive to food color, and we know there are many others with this situation.

    There are several ways to get a yellower color:
    1) You could add a drop or so of yellow food color, or a tiny amount turmeric (or natural food color available at the health food store, derived from turmeric)

    2) you could add an extra egg yolk

    3) We have found that the vegan and low fat variations of this cake are slightly more ‘yellow’

    5) Another effective method is to omit the oil altogether and to add just enough extra water to get a cake batter consistency. We have found that the texture is still very good and the color is lighter.

    Thanks for an honest and up front review! We love seeing our products in the real world. Reviews like this help us improve and improve our products.

    Warmest regards,
    The Staff at Better Batter

  3. hey ashley! We took your review back to our development team and reformulated our cake mix. We’d love it if you’d be willing to review the new mix for us. What do you think?

      1. great! can you email us with your address etc? we’ll send it out as soon as the new formula is back in stock – right now estimating that at 3 weeks.

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