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A Greater Appreciation

My official work hours are 6am-2pm.  I work and never sit that whole time. After almost 9 months of being a tutor on a computer, I’m gaining a better appreciation of Adam’s long days at work with continuous work and not many/any break.

I’m beginning to realize my being away from home will be very good for me to appreciate a few things: Not only do I appreciate Adam’s hard work more, but I’m also realizing that not seeing him every day for lunch is making me appreciate my time with him more as well. I’m appreciating more how tired he is when he comes home, how he just wants to take a nap, and how he can lie down for 2 seconds and be asleep before I say ‘good night’.

Sometimes, a change of perspective can give us a change an increased amount of appreciation for the hard work, dedication, and lifestyle others live.

As a small update, this new job is really fun.  I love having the regulars that come in every day like Jamie who gets an extra-large coffee with 2 creams with a frosted cinnamon roll, Joe who gets a large coffee with 2% milk, and Ed (Snyder) who gets an extra-large triple-triple coffee twice a day.

(Tim Horton’s Terms: Triple-triple is three sugars and three creams.)

The people I work with are fun.  It feels like I’ve been there for a long time, and I fit in well. lol..randomly, I work with Adam’s second-cousin. 🙂 I love how small Castle Creek is!

Thanks for your patience as I adjust to a new schedule. More product reviews and updates to come! 🙂

1 thought on “A Greater Appreciation”

  1. I’m glad you are loving your new job. Thanks for the reminder to my hubby works long hours too. And I need to have a little more understanding when he comes home so tired.

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