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Product Reviews: Kay’s Natural Snacks

There are times during the busy day when I want a quick snack.  Adam has a fifteen minute break during work, and he most-definitely packs snacks to go to work.  Unless I pack cookies with Adam, there’s not much gluten-free to send.  I can’t send traditional animal crackers or crackers and cheese.  I can send fruit, but Adam’s not a big fruit eater.

So, what can I send that’s low in calories, healthy, and something he’ll enjoy!  Check out Kay’s Natural Snacks!

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free


Pros: Kay’s offers a variety of snacks (from sweet to savory to cereal).  They are all packaged in reasonable portions with clear nutritional values and calorie content.  Kay’s offers a variety of flavors for each snack/cereal/cookie bite, and not only do they ship well, but they hold up well to being carried around in a purse, backpack, or diaper bag.

Cons: Some of the snacks appear to be a little artificial-looking. They’re not!  I would definitely say working on a variety of shapes and maybe a more appetizing overall appearance would make these more popular with adults.


Pros:  Some people think that gluten-free equals bland. Not so with Kay’s Natural Snacks! I’m happy to say the variety of flavors offered by Kay’s keeps my taste buds hopping. Whether it be the sweet cinnamon flavored, almond-filled cookie bites or the chili cheese nacho protein chips or the French vanilla cereal, the flavors are full and robust!

Cons: My only complaint regarding taste is that the spicier flavored snacks are very spicy.  This was mentioned by two of my resident reviewers, although I personally appreciated the full flavor. The other “ok” flavor involved the very tame sugar offered by the cinnamon cookie bites.  For only 110 calories, I can be satisfied with them; but, for someone with a super sweet tooth, they would be a little bland.


Pros: I would have to say that the favorite of all the types of snacks definitely was the cereal for me.  I loved the lightness of the cereal.  Not heavy nor dry, these are a wonderful breakfast option or even snack.

Cons: Unfortunately, my father-in-law felt the cookie bites “tasted like cardboard”. Although I personally didn’t agree, I do have to agree that they, as well as the protein chips, are a little dryer than I would like.

What I Love

I absolutely love the variety of flavors offered by Kay’s Natural! I love that they’ve attacked gluten-free snacking head-on, and in my opinion, come out successful! Great job with that, Kay’s!

What I’d Improve

I’d definitely work on improving the texture/moisture of the products.  I would most-definitely serve these to my kids as a healthy snack option, but as adults, my husband and I are a little less apt to choose them.


Overall Rating:

Cereal: B+

Cookie Bites: B+

Savory Snacks: B


Give them a try!  Buy these tasty snacks here!

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