S.l.o.w.i.n.g d..o…w….n

You know I’m tired when I’m sitting here at my kitchen/diningroom/livingroom table (yeah…hehe :)… all one room), thinking about dinner, uninspired to finish washing the silverware in the sink, needing to do some work/organizing in my office, desirous of baking something for my hubby, and yet really so tired I find myself not even listening to music or watching a film on Hulu. I’m just sitting here enjoying the silence.

My kitties are sleeping around me (two on the couch and one on the chair), and I’m tempted to join them.  However, emails call my name — work keeps me from having a lot of computer time – and more than that, responsibilities keep stacking up.

I need to rewrite my schedule.

I talk about productivity a lot. I’ve talked about prioritization and planning for distractions (or in my case, fatigue). I’ve even discussed keeping relationships and people and most importantly, keeping eternity in mind.  Reviewing some of that material helps me breathe a little easier and not feel so guilty about not running around busy right now…. I’m only human. Sometimes, I need to sit down and rest for a moment.

Of course, that’s no excuse for laziness or not taking care of responsibilities. 🙂

Writing is therapeutic for me. Do you feel that way?

2 thoughts on “S.l.o.w.i.n.g d..o…w….n”

  1. Hey Ashley, I fully understand the being tired part. I am exhausted everyday. It is very difficult sometimes to keep everything going at home, laundry, dishes, etc. If I don’t take the time to relax I won’t make it. The Lord always gives me the strength to carry on. I am very thankful.

  2. I bet you do need to relax! I do find writing to be therapeutic as well. If I’m really tired, I can’t write (it’s a lot harder, at any rate). But when I am feeling down, usually it makes me happier to write something.

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