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Product Reviews: Conte’s Pasta Cheese Lasagna

I hate not being home for Adam’s lunch break.  As you know, when I was working from home, lunch prep was like a separate dinner for us, as I made either leftover dinners or a whole new meal for my hardworking man.

Working away from home has called for some preparation for good meals for my man.  Why all the extra work?  Gluten-free meals can be a little more complicated than a traditional sandwich for the non-gluten-free eater.

A day-trip yesterday kept me from lunch prep for Adam today, but thankfully, I had some Conte’s Pasta microwaveable cheese lasagna.  Let’s see what Adam thought.

Allergy-Related Information: Gluten-Free, No WBRO


Pros: I’m afraid that most microwave meals are never enough for my big-eating man. However, this microwave meal supplies 500 calories with a large portion of his daily vitamins as well!  This is important!

Cons: In Adam’s own words, this meal “tasted better than it looked”. It appeared like a typical microwave meal… not great for the eyes, but this one was great for the stomach.


Pros:  Adam is used to reviewing products for me. He knows what kind of criteria I’m looking for. Overall, he said, he enjoyed it.

Cons:  Adam’s pretty picky about his pasta sauce. He’s a connoisseur of good food, and he was a bit disappointed with the quality of Conte’s Pasta’s sauce.  The taste wasn’t bad, he said–just not great.


Pros:  A great gluten-free pasta can be eaten by those without the allergy and enjoyed. Even with a gluten allergy, Adam has a great palate for understanding pasta texture and the overall consistency of his food.  He was very pleased with Conte’s Pasta, as the lasagna wasn’t grainy or falling apart. 🙂 Great job, Conte’s!

Cons: Unfortunately, Adam really felt that, although the meal was cheesy (a little too cheesy to his liking — which means perfect to mine!), it was a little dry.  He said it needed additional sauce to compensate for its cheesy-ness.

What I Love

I am really thankful for the variety of products that Conte’s Pasta offers. I love their pasta texture, their convenience, and their quality.

What I’d Improve

I definitely think improving the quality of their sauce is the next way to improve this already tasty product!


Overall Rating: B


Buy your convenient and tasty microwaveable meals here!

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