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The truth is….. I don’t really love them.

Remember when everything happened in Egypt?  My heart jumped and my mind was overtaken with concern.  Remember? I wrote about it atleast twice (here and here). I actually took interest in the news, I actually kept myself updated, I actually was worried about the names and faces I met there.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about Japan….

The opposite of love is not hate. Of that I am convinced. If I care

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enough to have serious feelings against something — if I care enough to hate — then I know I really do care.  That is not the opposite of caring in a positive fashion.  After all, I’m still investing energy and attention to the object of my affection, or in the case of hate, my disdain.

The opposite of love, in fact, is indifference.  According to, some synonyms of “indifference” include:

incuriousness, nonchalance, and unconcern

So, in actuality, the opposite of love is really indifference, or an overall lack of care regarding a subject, an object, or even a person.

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I don’t like that I don’t love the people of Japan as I should.  My heart needs to change. However, I’m thankful that God has allowed for this sad reminder of the danger of indifference and of the need for love to reign supreme in my heart and life.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to change.

What are you indifferent towards today?  Who are you not loving as you ought?

Join me, as I search my own heart and ask God to renew His love for others in my life.

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